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Rank the Tellius Characters

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I just finished replaying PoR and RD, so I thought of this topic. So from favorite to least favorite rank the Tellius characters. They can be playable, enemies, npcs, or even background characters. You don't have to include them all.

  1. Edward
  2. Tibarn
  3. Stefan
  4. Nailah
  5. Haar
  6. Zelgius
  7. Mia
  8. Elincia
  9. Ike
  10. Altina
  11. Shinon
  12. Levail
  13. Soan
  14. Leonardo
  15. Volug
  16. Naesala
  17. Volke
  18. Caineghis
  19. Giffca
  20. Ashnard
  21. Pelleas
  22. Petrine
  23. Jill
  24. Titania
  25. Bryce
  26. Sothe
  27. Soren
  28. Oscar
  29. Gatrie
  30. Boyd
  31. Almedha
  32. Rajaion
  33. Dheginsea
  34. Rolf
  35. Kieran
  36. Lucia
  37. Geoffrey
  38. Rhys
  39. Zihark
  40. Micaiah
  41. Rafiel
  42. Leanne
  43. Lehran
  44. Nasir
  45. Ranulf
  46. Greil
  47. Muarim
  48. Tormod
  49. Tauroneo
  50. Kurthnaga
  51. Skrimir
  52. Sanaki
  53. Marcia
  54. Bastian
  55. Renning
  56. Oliver
  57. Ulki
  58. Janaff
  59. Danved
  60. Sigrun
  61. Calill
  62. Lyre
  63. Leathe
  64. Mordecai
  65. Shiharam
  66. Heather
  67. Vika
  68. Gareth
  69. Ena
  70. Nolan
  71. Aran
  72. Reyson
  73. Tanith
  74. Mist
  75. Kyza
  76. Makalov
  77. Largo
  78. Brom
  79. Nephenee
  80. Ilyana
  81. Astrid
  82. Nealuchi
  83. Laura
  84. Fiona
  85. Meg

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I'm too lazy to do a full ranking at this time, so all I will say is Jill is the best character in all of Tellius, with Ike, Marcia, and Zelgius also being some of my favorites

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S-Tier: Brom, Elincia, Caineghis

A-Tier: Mordecai, Jill, Muarim, Zihark, Mist, Tibarn, Lethe, PoR Ike

B-Tier: Tauroneo, Titania, Naesala, Geoffrey, Lucia, Sanaki, Pelleas, Ranulf, Reyson, Skrimir, RD Ike

C-Tier: Micaiah, Oscar, Rhys, Rolf, Boyd, Soren, Mia, Astrid, Sigrun, Marcia, Nephenee, Kieran, Tanith, Ena, Kurthnaga, Haar, Leanne, Tormod, Calill, Bastian, Stefan, Nailah, Rafiel

D-Tier: Giffca, Volke, Nasir, Largo, Ilyana, Gatrie, Nealuchi, Ulki, Janaff, Sothe, Volug, Renning, Meg, Edward, Leonardo, Nolan, Laura, Aran, Fiona

E-Tier: Oliver, Danved/Devdan, Makalov, Shinon, Heather, Vika, Lyre, Kyza, Gareth

F-Tier: Sephiran, The Black Knight

1 hour ago, SSbardock84 said:

78. Brom

This...this is an atrocity!

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Edward is a really underappreciated unit in hard mode. He sure needs some levels early on, but if he got them, he can turn into a beast. Technically he is the only tier unit besides a transfer boosted Jill who can constantly ORKO enemies in part 1. He is by far my most favorite FE10 exclusive unit.

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Soren best character imho. Don't really want to rank the characters but all you'd need to know is that Soren is #1 up there. So is Nephenee and Ike and Sothe.

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Oh boy, here I go posting stuff from my faves list again, glad I made this thing:


(rating based on how much I enjoy their character)

character rating
Mia 9,88
Nephenee 9,78
Jill 8,58
Elincia 8,24
Ilyana 8,22
Ike 8,21
Black Knight 8,18
Lethe 8,16
Sephiran 8,14
Meg 8,13
Naesala 8,12
Titania 8,1
Ranulf 8,06
Bastian 8,05
Soren 8,03
Pelleas 8,02
Brom 8
Vika 7,97
Astrid 7,95
Sothe 7,84
Marcia 7,83
Nolan 7,79
Micaiah 7,76
Edward 7,68
Dheginsea 7,64
Lyre 7,63
Oliver 7,61
Nasir 7,56
Kieran 7,45
Oscar 7,44
Janaff 7,43
Ena 7,33
Mordecai 7,31
Reyson 7,3
Heather 7,21
Tibarn 7,2
Rolf 7,19
Maurim 7,18
Leonardo 7,04
Zihark 7,03
Stefan 7,02
Leanne 6,97
Ulki 6,96
Boyd 6,94
Geoffrey 6,93
Sanaki 6,82
Tormod 6,81
Shinon 6,79
Makalov 6,77
Rafiel 6,74
Tauroneo 6,66
Mist 6,62
Lucia 6,61
Nailah 6,59
Haar 6,47
Fiona 6,46
Kurthnaga 6,34
Skrimir 6,32
Nealuchi 6,28
Caineghis 6,19
Volke 6,03
Volug 5,93
Laura 5,75
Rhys 5,72
Aran 5,69
Tanith 5,68
Danved 5,49
Gatrie 5,48
Calill 5,41
Sigrun 5,36
Kyza 5,24
Giffca 5,2
Renning 5,19
Gareth 5,15

Full list with all FE's I played


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1) Ilyana 2) Mia 3) Elincia 4) Oscar 5) Sigrun 
Last) Geoffrey 2nd) Rayson 3) Soren 4) Danved/Devdan 5) Neasala 

That is my list I really can’t rank anyone else.

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S tier: Micaiah, Nailah, Haar, Tibarn, Zelgius

A tier: Ike, Jill, Titania, Shinon, Tauroneo, Lucia, Naesala, Stefan, Caineghis, Giffca, Sephiran/Lehran

B tier: Nolan, Ilyana, Sothe, Aran, Zihark, Geoffrey, Kieran, Danved/Devdan, Oscar, Boyd, Skrimir, Ranulf, Pelleas, Bastian, Nasir, Ena, Kurth

C tier: Edward, Leonardo, Laura, Tormod, Muarim, Elincia, Marcia, Nephenee, Brom, Calill, Rolf, Ulki, Sigrun, Tanith, Sanaki

Most laguz tier (seriously that charge bar sucks): Rafiel, Leanne, Nealuchi, Mordecai, Vika, Lethe, Kyza, Lyre, Reyson, Janaff, Gareth

Meg and Fiona tier: Meg and Fiona, Heather, Makalov, Astrid, Mist

S*** tier: Soren


Most of this is a combination of unit usefulness and how much I enjoy their character. If I really enjoy a character it can majorly effect their ranking, overriding unit usefulness (see: Micaiah and Soren) and if they're absolute monsters or suck in game-play it can override how much I like or dislike them as a character (see: Giffca and Mist)

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I'll just list my top ten and my bottom five, since in between that, anybody could be in any order, really.

Top 10
1. Ike (I prefer RD Ike design-wise though)
2. Elincia
3. Kieran
4. Ranulf
5. Marcia
6. Boyd
7. Zihark
8. Jill
9. Tauroneo
10. Zelgius/Black Knight

Bottom 5
1. Valtome
2. Oliver
3. Mia
4. Micaiah
5. Nephenee

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Here's a Top 20, I guess.

20. Tanith: As a unit, I find reinforce to be a pretty great skill to have and it definitely gives her a really cool niche, nevermind the fact that her bases and weapon ranks are godly anyway. I also think her design's pretty cool and her tenure and personality is befitting of a high-ranking Pegasus Knight.

19. Nailah: I just think she looks really good. Her design manages to make her look somewhat graceful but dangerous at the same time.

18. Giffca: The hero we need, not the one we deserve. Always have him finish off Ashnard. I also just realized he kinda looks like Duessel from FE8, so that's cool too.

17. Tauroneo: Tellius' version of the big and thicc daddy General. Imposing figure in the army and just a decent guy in general. I like his supports with Largo too.

16. Jill: Perhaps one of the most developed characters in the duology and I feel she has a really good character arc, told through the base conversations throughout FE9, even her supports with Lethe. She's also a flier in a game with super canto, so hey.

15. Devdan: He's just really funny. I actually used him in my first playthrough and gave him the Knight Ward too, he turned out pretty good. Also has some surprisingly deep supports that I really like.

14. Ike: I believe he is one of the best written lords in the series, and it would he too long an explanation to talk about it here, but yeah, that.

13. Gatrie: Funny hopeless womanizer is funny. Kinda sad about his Radiant Dawn ending but can't win em all. Not that great as a unit but I just like presence, unlike his companion.

12. Haar: He's cool. I like how he's the sleepy lazy guy but at the same time he also has the mannerisms and responsibilities of a proper captain. Sounds like someone who knows how to manage his priorities.

11. Kieran: Super Loyal Knights who don't question their orders are pretty boring in FE, but Kieran's level of loyalty is pretty hilarious. It's endearing how silly he sounds sometimes although he tries to sound valliant and epic.

10. Mia: Idk what I like about her specifically, I just think she's alright, and it is cool that her motives for getting stronger are different than other myrmidons in the series, that and the fact that she joins the Greil Mercs at the end of FE9, I think it's cool too. I also really like how she looks as a SwordMaster in FE9, for some reason I always found that model really good-looking.

9. Tormod: I did use him once, and he was super fun and surprisingly easy to train, that and celerity is just so good. Like the childish and determined idealist resolve he's got too, it's cute.

8. Black Knight: Not gonna spoil anything here for anyone who's unaware of the whole story but he might just be one of the best villains in the series to me (still doesn't quite beat Travant for me tho).

7. Sanaki: The Empress of the most powerful nation on the continent is a young girl barely in her teens as of Radiant Dawn, who is very mature for her age and clearly a better ruler than the entirety of the senate, and that is no exaggeration.

6. Mist: I just think she's a good part of Ike's growth as a character throughout FE9 and her dialogue is nice. Also love the positive attitude she brings. She's got cute interactions with everyone she talks to, as well. (Unrelated but quite recently it just dawned on me that Mist kinda looks like You Watanabe from Love Live, or the other way around, and dammit I cannot get this comparison out of my head now)

5. Boyd: Just an all around lovable brute who's got a good heart but a questionable way of showing affection. He's a good boy. Boyd X Mist is also a cute ship. One of the most fun units to use in FE9 (and thankfully, a Fighter who doesn't suck like most other ones in the series).

4. Oscar: Big brother to two, just like me. I like his history of working with the Crimean Knights for a while and he's a really nice and wholesome guy. Although most Green cavs are known to be chill, I like how Oscar is also abnormally chill while speaking to Tanith of all people too, someone he shouldn't be making mistakes with.

3. Marcia: Whenever she appears she just has the power to make me smile. Equipped with the world's most powerful dictionary and an incredibly big target vessel for her to use it on (Makalov), she's just such a damn joy to have around. She always turns into one of my best units. I also really, absolutely love how she looks in Radiant Dawn.

2. Elincia: Both a Figurative and Literal Queen. Elincia has arguably the best character growth in the duology where she learns everything about the world and how it works and becomes a good ruler who prioritizes her country above all else even when the right decision is hard to make. Also flying staff-user, not something you see everyday.

1. Zihark: Anti-racism swordsman who just gets along with anyone. I'd like to be his friend, and I really like his Radiant Dawn character arc during Part 3. He's also really friendly and just someone you really wanna hang out with. He's also probably the SwordMaster I've had the most fun using in any game. Although not my favorite FE character in general, he is right behind Fiora as second best. Love the man.

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I'll highlight a few. I do like most of the characters from the Tellius games, especially the enemies.


1. Mia - I have a love for dodgetanks, and she is the best (maybe in all of FE). Vantage was awesome in POR, especially when paired with wrath. In RD, she is basically untouchable after a couple chapters in part 3. Yeah, most characters are awesome in that game, but she just takes so little effort to be good. I also liked how she kind of just pops out of nowhere in POR. 

2. Ike - He just has a really good character arc, and I've just always liked him.

3. Shinnon - Love how much of an asshole he is. He isn't great in POR, but he is godly in RD. Snipers are basically the avo of Trueblades with the def of Generals. Shinon takes basically no effort to be soloing maps.

4. Jill - Her hate of laguz makes here a really important character in building the world. Watching here change her perspective in support convos is one of my favourite parts of the first game.

5. Lethe - Similar to Jill. I like her design, and she is actually decent in POR because she transforms early. I'm not big into playing laguz, and truth be told I've only used her once, but she always stuck out to me. 

6. Ranulf - Love his personality and brotherhood with Ike. Ranulf's personality shines in RD, even if he isn't very good as a playable character. 

7. Black Knight - The fear he gave in As Blood Runs Red, and the way he looms over the entire game is awesome. Don't really like the retcon in RD.

8. Caineghis - Just a cool red lion.

9. Tibarn - A good contrast for Naesala personality-wise.

10. Nephenee - She's basically mia-lite. POR Nephenee wrecks with vantage-adept, and RD Nephenee is the only good Crimea character (Haar not counted) worth using. 

11. Haar - Cheat code in RD, basically irrelevant in POR.

12. Stefan - Just looks cool.

13. Reyson - Best dancer in FE. His character arc is probably the most interesting one in the game. 

14. Titania - The axe animations were awesome as she slaughtered everything in her path. 

15. Elincia - Always wished we got to use here and here infinite brave sword earlier, but she is a very well developed character.


Most Controversial

Astrid - One of my favourite POR characters. You have her shoot towards enemies for several chapters, then all of a sudden she is one of the best units in the game. One of the easiest villager archetypes to get up to speed because she can canto out of trouble. Too bad she is awful in RD, and ends up chasing Makalov.


Micaiah and all her shitty friends - Mary Sue character who never appealed to me. She is awful for 90% of her own game, then she becomes good for a few chapters before entering the tower and becoming basically irrelevant again. Dawn brigade sucks. Maybe if they had a real support system I would like them better, but all I can think of is their first part 3 appearane where they get mauled by laguz. It's basically impossible to raise part 1 characters higher than 2-3 levels above the first promotion, which is woefully insufficient in part 3. 

Sothe - Why is he forced on so many maps when he  is so awful after part 1. 

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On 4/30/2020 at 8:21 PM, Gregster101 said:

I'm too lazy to do a full ranking at this time, so all I will say is Jill is the best character in all of Tellius, with Ike, Marcia, and Zelgius also being some of my favorites

I'll ditto on that, I really haven't gotten far in RD but Jill is usually my MVP after I recruit her in PoR

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I'll think if go for in deep later, but just for a Top 10 I would probably pick:

1.- Micaiah

2.- Sanaki

3.- Mia

4.- Ilyana

5.- Mist

6.- Zelgius

7.- Elincia

8.- Jill

9.- Sothe

10.- Haar

Yeah, I think something like this.

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Micaiah is such a divided character haha. I always hated her because she's so hard to use, even when you use her. I've come to like her more now, but honestly if I don't give her those Seraph Robes then she really falls behind.

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i'll rank them by tier list, since i feel that's the more appropriate way to do it for me
the first characters in a certain tier list, in general, are the ones i like the most

Tier S - Favorites: Soren, Ike, Makalov, Ashnard, Black Knight, Zihark, Kieran, Reyson, Caineghis, Tibarn, Naesala, Shinon, Astrid, Aimee Oliver

Tier A - Love: Sothe, Titania, Boyd, Calill, Elincia, Ranulf, Sephiran, Deghinsea, Tauroneo, Muarim, Mordecai, Ilyana, Sigrun, Sanaki, Almedha, Nailah, Stefan, Bastian, Geoffrey, Lucia, Gatrie, Haar, Yune, Micaiah

Tier B - Like a lot: Oscar, Jarod, Lethe, Mist, Rolf, Volke, Petrine, Brom, Nephenee, Nealuchi, Nasir, Janaff, Largo, Skrimir, Tormod, Jill, Marcia, Kurthnaga, Aran, Pelleas, Volug, Nolan, Vika, Rafiel, Edward

Tier C - Like: Renning, Heather, Rhys, Tanith, Ulki, Rafiel, Giffca, Devdan, Danved, Ena, Lyre, Laura, Leonardo

Tier D - Ok: Mia, Gareth, Kyza, Meg, Fiona, Everyone else

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1 hour ago, SSbardock84 said:

Micaiah is such a divided character haha. I always hated her because she's so hard to use,

This is one reason I dislike her too. She's a pain in the ass to keep alive and use. To me, her only good quality is her design.

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Hmm... Unless we're counting gameplay,

  1. Rolf, (Rofl in PoR)
  2. Micaiah
  3. Mist
  4. Aran
  5. Laura
  6. Stefan
  7. Brom
  8. Marcia
  9. Geoffrey
  10. Mordecai
  11. Sanaki
  12. Lethe

From 6-11 you could reorder those in any way, really. I like them all equally. (Brom in heroes when?)

In terms of OVERALL,

  1. Aran
  2. Laura
  3. Rolf
  4. Marcia
  5. Brom
  6. Stefan
  7. Haar
  8. Ike, (simply because he's a god gameplay wise)
  9. Mist, (because she's really not that good from a gameplay perspective)
  10. Geoffrey
  11. Sanaki
  12. Elincia, (because she saves my arse in 2-endgame)

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Brom needs to be in Heroes.

And so do other Tellius people. Where the hell is Zihark... or Marcia? BOYD.

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Im gonna just do playable units from Radiant dawn because geez, there's a lot of Tellius characters.


2. Tormod

3. Volug

4. Edward

5. Leonardo

6. Soren

7. Pelleas

8. Ike

9. Zelgius

10. Zihark

11. Calill

12. God-emperor Brom

13. Nolan

14. Stefan

15. Rolf

16. Boyd

17. Illyana 

18. Haar

19. Sanaki

20. Jill

21. Tibarn

22. Reyson

23. Geoffrey

24. Elincia

25. Ranulf

26. Micaiah (she'd be higher if she wasn't possessed by yune for, like 80% of part 4)

27. Oscar

28. Titania

29. Mia

30. Muarim

31. Lethe

32. Rhys

33. Naesala

34. Nailah

35. Laura

36. Sephiran

37. Rafiel

38. Kurth

39. Leanne

40. Volke

41. Mist

42. Kieran

43. Astrid

44. "stache man Oliver

45. Sigrun

46. Tanith

47. Lucia

48. Kyza

49. Vika

50. Skirmir

51. Renning

52. Shinon

53. Marcia




57. Gareth

58. Ulki

59. Renning

60. Bastian

61. Mordecai

62. Danved

63. Lyre

64. Nephenee

65. Fiona


67. Heather

69. Nealuchi

70. Makalov

Phew. that was Exhausting, I may have forgotten a few so remind me if I have.

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I'd probably like Tormod more if he showed up more in Radiant Dawn. I didn't care much for him in Path of Radiance, but I like him in Radiant Dawn and have always been disappointed he barely showed up in the game.

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