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Make Your Own Fire Emblem Class!

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I'm making mine as is if it were to be utilizing Sacred Stones' mechanics, but you can do whatever.


The basic idea is that it's a magical antithesis to the Knight/General class. It'd have high HP, Magic, and Resistance, okay Skill, mediocre Luck, and bad Strength, Speed, and Defense.

It would be a promoted form of the Shaman class and would wield dark magic, and potentially anima magic too. Anima magic is essentially the lances of magic and dark magic is the axes, which would make it match up with the current version of the General class.

If this were to be in a hypothetical game, the amount of total enemy mages in this hypothetical game would need to much higher than every other game in the series to make this class worth it. Maybe because you'd be going up against a land well known for its magic or something.

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Class Name: Sentry Knight
Weapons: Bows and Lances
Movement Type: Armored

Would be pretty similar to the Archanea games' variant of the General, though with more of an emphasis on bows than Lances. In terms of stats, they would have somewhat low defense compared to other armored units (though their defense is still solid), but would have good Resistance, HP, and Skill. Would be either a promotion of an Archer or an Armor Knight. Probably would also have a class skill that allows them to counter with a bow at close range.

Class Name: Bloodfighter
Weapons: Axes and Dark Magic
Movement Type: Infantry

A unique HP and regeneration-focused tank. Would have below average defensive stats, but would have incredibly high HP. To go off of this, their class skills would be based on regenerating HP in various ways (such as gaining a percent of HP upon killing an enemy), and their usage of Dark Magic means they can also opt to further go all in on the regeneration tank by using Nosferatu.

Class Name: Blade Dancer
Weapons: Swords
Movement Type: Infantry

A promotion for the Dancer class which is meant to be good at both combat and support - they have an okay strength stat but incredible speed and luck, similarly to a myrmidon but with a bit more strength, but they retain their ability to dance. Their class skills would let them further this role of being a combination of combat and support, such as giving them a buff to evasion and crit rate after dancing, or giving them a variant of canto after attacking where they can dance.

Class Name: Engineer
Weapon Type: Bows
Movement Type: Infantry, but has more movement

A unique trap-focused class, having somewhat sub-par combat potential, but being focused on using trap-based items (and in a hypothetical game where they appear, said items will appear more often), such as allowing them to move again after using a trap item, or giving them more uses of such items.


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Kirin Knight: 3rd tier Valkyrie.

Swords/Light magic/Staff/Mounted

War maidens astride a legendary kirin, who wholeheartedly devote themself to defending their allies. Be it with compassion or force.

Above average HP, Str and Def(for a mage/healer) low Dex/Skl and High Mag, Lck and Res. 
The class is meant to be a frontline healer who can holdout against both physical and magical attacks

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i already presented this idea in another topic, even though that's probably too old now
anyway, since i love DnD's Monk class:

Class: Hermit (M/F)
Tier: Base
Class Bonuses: +5 Accuracy, Avoid and Critical (when unarmed, additional +5 Acc/Avo/Crt is granted)
Weapons: Bare Fists (if no weapon is equipped)/Gauntlets
Movement Type:  Infantry (6 Mov)
Class Line: Hermit -> Ascetic (Promotional Items don't work with Hermits, they automatically promote to Ascetic class immediately after Level 20 is reached)

Class: Ascetic (M/F)
Tier: Promoted
Class Bonuses: +10 Accuracy, Avoid and Critical (when unarmed, additional +5 Acc/Avo/Crt is granted)
Weapons: Bare Fists/Gauntlets
Promotion Bonuses: +2 HP, +3 Str, +2 Mag, +2 Skl, +2 Spd, +1 Def, +1 Res (M); +2 HP, +3 Str, +2 Mag, +2 Skl, +2 Spd, +0 Def, +2 Res (F)
Movement Type: Infantry (7 Mov)

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i think the one class i have come up with that i think hasn't really happened even in 3H's method of "everyone can do anything a little bit it's fine" (CMIIW?) is my version of the ranger class - using bows and magic

worldbuilding and flavour wise, it's a promoted class achieved by being in deep touch with yourself and the world around you, the nature and the bigger forces, all that jazz. if nomadic troopers weren't boring, pretty much.

gameplay wise, i always thought it would be the most interesting concept to have a bow/magic class. it is rare the game that can actually make a bow/second weapon class work. you don't have compatible player phase+enemy phase options, unless it's a bow/lance or bow/axe class and it's a game where javelins and hand axes rule, then you have almost no incentive to use bows ever, specially if you didn't promote from bows. (no wonder unpromoted archers always got swords for a long time!)

with magic you get an option that will grant you a good enemy phase (1-2 range, will even deal better damage than your bow on some enemies), but you have to be smart with your player phase about it. if it's a game where bows matter for the player, it might even benefit an unpromoted mage to go ranger (the mount is also appealing of course).

in my mind this is a game where the trinity of game is back and fully integrated with the weapon triangle as fates taught us it's possible, so the ranger could pick one of anima/light/dark upon promotion (or inherit from its unpromoted mage class if the branch is there, or if this is a game with personal promotion options like jugdral), though of course the class still works in a single magic school game as well.

stat-wise i am not that worried about though i always thought speed should be their showcase stat rather than skill.

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Hey, haven't had a chance to plug my Branching Class tree in a while! (quiet you. I'm sure there's still some people that haven't seen it)


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Totally new classes? Let me try:

1) Musketeer
Weapon: Lance and firearms
Movement type: Infantry

A new class which delivers high, armour-piercing damage with poor accuracy and being unable to shoot over allies (similar to Expeditions: Conquistadors). They use lances as a last ditch weapon to defend themselves.


2) Fencer
Weapon: Sword
Movement type: Infantry

A swordsmen class which have high evasion and speed but low damage. They also have the ability to dance, but allies activated by this dance will experience have penalties to movement.

3) Viking
Weapon: Axes, Swords, and Gauntlets
Movement type: Armoured

A axe-wielding unit that moves slowly on land and have high crits on defence. They can move better on water tiles.

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Oooo I got a class Idea nobody really tackled

This unit could fit into the GBA or modern era not specific to anything
Let's call it a Warden, a promoted class from the clerics.
- great Hp
- high Defence and
- high Resistance
- low strength,
- low Magic,
- average speed
- amazing amount of luck
- very little skill
- low movement. (number mirrors armoured units like Generals)

High Rank in wands like A or S and low rank in Tomes E or C using faith magic or wind\Green depending on game.

They're entire purpose is to block things, with a high stats in both Def and Res and Great HP they aren't dying anytime soon. They have wands for keeping people alive and themselves. Because they're a promoted class they need some way to fight so a bit of magic and tomes were given.
However they lack offensive stats and movement meaning they aren't gonna carry a game anytime soon either.

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Name: Necro Drake (I'm still undecided.)

Class type: Wyvern

Weapons: Swords (?), Axes, Dark Magic

Ability: Summon - can summon up to two skeleton monsters to assist in battle. 


- High HP

- Slightly high Defense & Resistance

- Low Speed

- Low Luck

- Slightly high Attack and Magic (they're the same)


I've always wanted to see a Dark Magic-using Wyvern Rider, so Malig Knight was nearly a dream come true. (And if I ever do an FE Tabletop session, this is the class I'd make for my own character, if possible.) 

This class would be a pain in the BUTT to fight. It's strong, sturdy, and the Summon ability - shared with the Summoner class - allows the user to aggro enemies in a separate direction in order to save certain units or help achieve alternative tasks. 

However, there are downsides. I'd like this class to be extra-weak to Light magic, since it's not "arcane" dark but necromancy/basically evil dark. 

Going off of that, as enemies, these units would have a skill aptly titled Necromancy Unbound, which would allow them to resurrect after being defeated once with far more health and more dangerous attacks, not unlike the Andromedon in XCOM 2.  (But now the Light magic would do even more damage to them.) 

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