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FE: PoR HD Texture Pack

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[Image: ACtC-3fEP34WfujTKpsMMI08eGAF1C0oV2rrqbkN...authuser=0]

Most of the games textures have been upscaled using ESRGAN with some edits. Anything important that is not included will be added in a later update.

[Image: ACtC-3eNmksTB0gHoijalSEQrOMZSYCuM0zHAgXA...authuser=0][Image: ACtC-3fIm5l4RP4EgKbuP6EhDXDuTa26KPaju5qW...authuser=0]
[Image: ACtC-3cC0eB3SZBRDhZnkGA3yMrEPdWewANoKLZq...authuser=0][Image: ACtC-3eSBxbrllRnVQMfhbxBSyBhoOAVj_b8FVwc...authuser=0]

Photo Gallery for Comparison

Other Info:
I recommend playing the game in 4:3 because all the BG and Portraits will be stretched if you play in 16:9.

Recommended Dolphin Settings:
-3x internal
-2x MSAA (you can use higher AA settings, but there will be lines in some UI elements)
-Anisotropic Filtering 16x (if on Vulkan or Opengl)
-Do not use texture filtering
-Do not disable fog

Download Links:
Google Drive

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Well, I can't really tell from the Google Drive images, but the ones in this thread certainly look fantastic.

I wanted to pick FE9 back up, so I might try this.

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Wow, this looks fantastic. I wish I had a computer strong enough to take advantage of it.

Thanks for sharing!

Edited by twilitfalchion

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Wow!!  This is absolutely stunning - I was not expecting even the background textures to look that good, let alone the sprites. Pretty sure my Dolphin doesn't work anymore, but I'm certinally grabbing this just to have the textures on hand.   Thank you for the hard work ~

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Having some trouble trying to understand how you're supposed to apply this, I never really used Dolphin before so can someone help me?

Edit: I'm sorry if this isn't the right place to ask

Edited by Ferra

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