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  2. No. Why does YouTube keep recommending Gacha Life videos to me even though I've clicked "not interested" multiple times?
  3. They only exist in the Story gacha pool. None of the other banners have them.
  4. i'm with this dude. the story is Hot Fucking Garbage but birthright and conquest are some of the more enjoyable fires emblem to play, ignoring the castle mechanics. there is plenty of fun to be had in them.
  5. Can you post it on YouTube, afterwards? Because I'm pretty sure that I'll miss this.
  6. No, but they work against enough types of teams to still be worth using a team slot.
  7. can someone make me sprites and portraits for the characters on critical role season 2 i would be super grateful here are the official art of the original 7 thank you all and goodnight
  8. Reading this post made me realize we had the same process but different conclusions. +6 Atk / Def from L Azura is the same as Summoner Support and merge +10 unbuffed. Also yeah, 39 + 16 is 55. I don't know why I thought it was 54. I'm bad at math.
  9. The only special edition I bought was for FE Fates because of the all-in-one cart. I don't buy SE because of SE don't interest me much but good for those getting it. I wish I have that much money to get those SEs.
  10. I honestly think most of the new additions while tacked on actually made the experience more fun (though to be fair, I didn't play Gen 3 until after 4 (hence why I never cared much for it to begin with) and Y had been such a boring game that this was a big step up). Like, the eon flute was the most tacked on shit (Like, why are we just handed an eon legendary?), but it was dumb enough fun and the idea of finding legendaries was neat (Though I think finding out how to find them in game would have been so much better), the new pokeradar was one of my favourite things it added, a retcon to possibly the worst games is something I can tolerate and Delta as a whole was alright. The battle maison was a mistake though, muh frontier or muh life. As for Pearl, I got it with my DS. I lost it on holiday and I have to say I was right to wait for Platinum, so much better. I would say this too and it is by far the weakest where you can freely change class, but thank fuck it didn't base itself off FFII (Which I would count for sure if I could manage to hypnotise myself badly enough to actually play it ever again). Anything else to add? I mean, I tend to quit the crap ones. X/Y would still be a cop out, so I guess I'll cop out on a definitive answer.
  11. It's mostly stuff that came from movies and tv shows
  12. While not 3* Hans is F2P Caster that is really good. In fact, I wonder the 3* Caster compares to Hans.
  13. While it comes at the expense at other characters his development through out Shadow Dragon is amazing, he has become my favorite lord strictly from how he changes through the course of the game. It's a shame he had to be changed, and while the current Marth has it's own Merits, It still suck that what we got in Shadow Dragon will never be repeated. As a unit I like him being decently weak because I try to connect the story and gameplay as much as I can when I play games, so picture him as the determined leader who wants rallies everyone to take his country back and defeat Gharnef and Medeus while he let's renowned warriors such as Hardin and Minerva do the heavy lifting in terms of combat. 10/10 for his Character, and the fitting unit that he is.
  14. Donkey Kong 64. Really had to force myself to finish the final worlds.
  15. I was actually planning to have him use drive speed 2 actually. I have a feeling he'll be teamed up with Lucina (when I get the regular version). He's currently S-Supported with Brave Lucina and I haven't been able to see if his skills will help him on PvE content yet. Though I might have to go a bit more premium for him like I did Grima.
  16. Isn't that Golden Deer at the moment? Or are you saving your vote until the day Three Houses comes out so we can choose the house we have the least information on then?
  17. Let's see, playable Zelda, more dungeons and...no, that's pretty much it. BOTW made sandboxes feel like ACTUAL FREAKING WORLDS for the first time in forever instead of a bunch of tedious checklists (LOOKING AT YOU, UBISOFT). Just doing BOTW again is more than enough
  18. Into The Breach gets my wholehearted recommendation. The right things are random and the right things are reliable, the game has surprisingly good writing where even the generic pilots and autopilot have a personality, and success and failure carrying over to the next game gives it an interesting metagame. Into The Breach also nails I second the XCOM games, and I'll add Xenonauts if you want something similar to the original X-Com games. I do warn that the game is both easier (logistics are simplified in a good way, civilians are actually competent, pointless things the game originally hid are now shown) and harder (the tech tree can't be cheesed and there are some nasty surprises there for XCOM veterans, corpses are destroyed rather than sold, manufacturing tricks are removed) than the original. For 4X, Civilization and Master of Orion 1 and 2 (3's only saving grace was the awesome manual, and I can't comment on the remake). It's hard to describe those games without writing an essay, but they provide a unique experience every time that almost no other genre can match, and they have a lot of depth that is enjoyable to explore. I've heard that Heroes of Might and Magic is good, even though I've only tried 3 for a short while myself, and I'd recommend Eador: Genesis, but that game will tear unprepared players apart. As for RTS's, FTL: Faster Than Light is my favorite game, period, has extremely fun spaceship combat, and uses real-time with pause in a way I enjoy. It's also a roguelike, and each game is different. Age of Mythology is also fun, and in hindsight pretty beginner friendly, since I'm not the best RTS player yet I had fun with the game. I also had fun with Battle Realms, but admittedly I haven't played that game enough to make a final verdict, other than saying that it's slower paced but in a good way than most other RTS's. Stronghold is also a fun game, has a good deal of charm, and the economic system is easy to understand despite having some complexity.
  19. Perhaps deploying so soon wasn't the best idea for the over-eager raptor shark. Without the enemies clearly in front of her, it was hard to avoid thinking about the potential composition of the approaching force. A certain alien cat came to mind and, above all else, she hoped he wouldn't be making a comeback. Finally, some of the enemies were close enough for her to make out. They were definitely the human's machines. While that gave her some relief, she was all too aware that the Sacarians could- "Yes?" Aliza had contacted her over the comms, interrupting her train of thought. "Our, vi-toria?" Oh, victory. "Yes. Today, we will win. And, I would like, that too. After today, when there is time. We could, do that." Still, despite Aliza's words of encouragement, the sinking feeling that had taken root in her chest wouldn't budge. As much as she tried to, she couldn't shake the feeling that something terrible was about to happen.
  20. Path of Radiance is really unpolished, both in the gameplay and graphical departments. Hell, some of the playable cast don't even get their own unique in-game character model, which screams laziness on the part of IS. The story is forgettable and generic, and Chapter 27 is the worst chapter I've ever played in the series to date. In fact, the one and only reason I play PoR from time to time is if and when I want stat bonuses for certain units in RD. So yeah, in my opinion, Radiant Dawn is the vastly superior game.
  21. I know opinions are a thing but honestly what do you see in EBB over Mom 3 I know hating on Farts is the cool thing to do but what about it gave it the honor of being worst game you finished beyond being edgy? Even if the story is Hot Garbo in all 3 routes, there's other stuff there, namely decent gameplay and great music. I went and finished Sonic 06 at least 4 times because I had no standards when I was younger, otherwise sometimes I find it hard to finish games I actually enjoy, much less actively hate.
  22. Hey man. Paracelsus is basically better Nero Bride for Arts teams while Avicebron is a solid fodder option with Poster Girl. The latter is more niche but still pretty good.
  23. Zelda Wind Waker. I really couldn't stand the sailing, the lack of dungeons, how simple the few there were were and the fetch quest at the end. Didn't have even a little bit of fun playing it, and just finished because of the fact I'm a pretty big Zelda fan. Wasn't even a fan of the exploring, which is basically spending five minutes sailing to find a small island with barely anything in it. I actually think even TP did exploring better, since it had some pretty neat mini dungeons hidden in its world, and there was at least some user imput while moving, unlike in Wind Waker where you only wait for the wind to (slowly) move your boat. The game is the epitome of that famous Miyamoto quote: "A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad". It was really rushed and it shows.
  24. Man they finally make a 3* caster not named Medea who isn’t meh to just awful... and the guy is likely doomed to being a storylock. I’d actually be fine if it was Tell that was locked while whatshisname was in the pool because while Tell looks great there’s already a surplus of solid 3* archers, but when it comes to the casters besides best witch... oof.
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