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  1. Wait, I get that I can download my digital copy, but can I upload it back on my 3ds too? That's what I thought that tutorial was saying, but I'm not sure.
  2. I didn't read all 15 pages, so I apologize if this was already stated. Has it been confirmed that this isn't smtxFE? Some of the images I'm seeing and some fan theories on some of it almost make me believe it is. Obviously SMTxFE was announced for he wii u and this is for the 3ds, but...
  3. This is actually a poorly designed quiz. All of the questions have a positive framing for things on the left and negative framing for things on the right, so why is it a surprise that everyone of us who's taken it is in the same quadrant? If you don't, you sound like an asshole.
  4. I'm curious, how are the children characters over world icons and battle models stored? Is there data for every possibility, or are the heads just copied and pasted onto the model? I'm curious because I wanted to know if when we can hack the game and change reclass sets, if we have to worry about the graphics or if we have to edit them to change them. I would have thought that it was just a head copy paste, but that Olivia sheet having everything makes me confused. Thanks for all your hard work! Looking forward to more progress!
  5. Thanks. I wasn't sure if I wasn't aware of it or it just didn't exist. I wanted to play around with powersaves, so I wasn't sure. I don't know if I want to delete my support logs... Thanks though!
  6. Can I transfer my saves from the digital -> physical? And then can I transfer them back? How do I do that? I'm sorry to ask, but I just got a physical copy when I've always had the digital one.
  7. I can't wait! Please keep us updated. I would love to figure out how to change reclass sets. That's my main goal, anyway. It shouldn't be to hard either. We should be able to isolate the character, promote them, and then look at their reclass data and then brute force change stuff to figure it out right?
  8. lmgtfy.com/?q=fire+emblem+por+ar Stats always increase: BCG8-6H7N-VTUTMHP82-ZA4P-43X4FJK49-U4MF-9RDP0MTA5-T5YC-QVCD4JK49-U4MF-9RDP0
  9. The answer to the first question is no. I'm not sure about the second.
  10. So I know I'm double posting again, but I have an update! I went to another store in Tokyo that had full boxes of 3&4! (No 1/2 though, which sucks...) I got one of each and opened them, and I got both Basillo and Morgan on the first try! I couldn't believe my luck even if I did want Avatar and Marth So I went back and got another two and got Ricken and Libera. Not the characters I wanted, but at least I like them both!
  11. fuck off Dark Cloud 1 is absolutely amazing how can you insult its quality its incredible Oh... Jokes aside, both are absolutely amazing! You should definitely try them out. One is a classic as far as the PS2 goes. It's pretty much my childhood.
  12. So jealous that you got marth! I really want that one... It's super popular though so no one has it. Anyway, I went today and went to another store. I found one that had quite a few from vol. 1&3/4 so I picked up tiki and Sumia! They were both right around 500 yen, but some like Lonqu were at 1100 yen! I found Kellam too, and he was only 400 yen! I thought about buying him but I decided not too... :( might go back for him.
  13. I don't know if I can double post, but this is an update anyway... I found two of the volume 4 series when I stopped in a store called animate. Couldn't find them on my own, so I had to ask. Luckily I screenshot red what you said Rey, so they were able to make out what I wanted. Anyway, I got Severa and Kjelle. I wanted Marth, but oh well. Here's to hoping I find more! Thanks again so much Rey for the advice!
  14. That's actually super helpful! I couldn't remember what it was in Japanese, so I'll show that to them if I go into another store. Thanks again!
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