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  1. I really hope so, Three Houses and Hopes are the only games in the series I enjoyed the writing about the world and politics in since Radiant Dawn and really only PoR has comparable good and interesting politics.
  2. Should be noted that it is possible these still have more to them. Like I think the House leaders ring is just listed as Edelgard. So it's possible that some of these rings also have more than one character in them.
  3. Huge want for this game that I doubt will happen is a "Creature Campaign" or "SpotPass" type set up for post game. With some extra chapters to play, some fun grindable content and most importantly, the ability to recruit dead characters and use them, for fun.
  4. Huge same, I am really just stalking this thread to hear about if gay and how much gay.
  5. I would love for this to be fleshed out because this stuff is killing my interest in this game.
  6. I'm actually not a fan of the forced death of characters in your party. More so in a game that still to this day is sold on choice. Honestly, lost pretty much the shreds of my desire for this game. For sure not buying Nohr now with all the deaths I heard you can't avoid.
  7. Yah I'd say this is most like Devil Survivor but with less content XD and at double the price years later.
  8. What a shock the 3rd path is the true path. It's almost like this is a Shin Megami Tensei game that was broken into three parts and sold to us that way.
  9. Thanks, I mean their is magic in this world they could just say magical baby stuff happened. I think I believe that as much as I believe portals to other realities XD. Still adoption is cool.
  10. So gay marriage got confirmed, do we know the units yet?
  11. I'm not happy with the version split and 3rd path dlc. "Choices you make matter, like how you spend your money!"
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