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  1. Hai everyone. So basically I was going to replay Radiant Dawn (again) and it just occurred to me, so I thought I might as well ask you guys. As you guys know you "have" to split the "party" up in Part 4, so how do you folks normally split up the units? For me, for most of my runs it would be something like this So I would be interested to see how you guys divide your units (also which ones that you do actually bring to endgame after that as well, but who knows)
  2. Balancing the tome powers itself is a thing, but IMO that's the easy part. The more "difficult" option is the class accessibility to the tomes. That aside, my own opinion is "Tellius" (Light, Wind/Fire/Thunder, Dark)
  3. My opinion TL;DR if it's done well, it's fine. The trouble is that not everyone has the same opinion of well.
  4. My own two cents (I don't know their application in FE4/FE5 so this is all regarding FE10), is that, it's similar to biorhythm (though it's "less/no" rng I guess), in that it's an "interesting idea" in theory, but the implementation is kind of flawed. For my part, at least my experience in FE10, authority stars is unavoidable for starters. While I'm not sure, I think if you completely removed all authority stars from the game, most of the game would be the same (Micaiah's army would probably do a bit better in certain chapters, Ike and the rest a bit less, but I don't think it would be all that earth shattering) It kind of falls into the same/similar issue, if it's too strong, it's game balance breaking, if it's too weak, it doesn't really matter. From extrapolation, if they had a short range authority bonus it would kind of just be like a skill that buffs nearby allies anyway, and we kind of already have those.
  5. I do bring Shinon for Double Bow. I did wrap up my recent run not too long ago, and right now I'm trying to think of who to bring for my next run since I have a free slot. I'm already bringing three laguz royals (Giffca counts, even though he doesn't have formshift). I'm not too hot about bringing Nailah nor Naesala because I really don't need more, but I have my own issues with other units (plus all the SS rank weapons are already taken. I could bring Elincia but I'm not really that hot about bringing Fliers and 2 staff users is plenty) For Heron wise, I do like Reyson the most, though IMO I value canto massively over Rafiel (giving him the boots and Celerity helps too, but that's possible bias, but really, canto is so good I'd daresay it's broken in POR/RD) The main issue with bringing Reyson is only evident in speedruns (which all use Rafiel), since you spend the first turn using the Laguz Gem/Stone to shift, and the Endgame goes by so quickly it's rather noticeable when you lose one turn of chanting, even for the less speedy runs. I'm not sure how fast you can clear or easily clear 4E1, but 4E2-4E5 can easily be beaten in a small handful of turns without too much issue I think. Like I myself find it hard to drag my feet even if I wanted to, 4E4, I think usually by turn 3 I've slaughtered all the spirits and only Sephiran is left, same for the auras in 4E5 (I'm not even a speedrunner, like, I just spent 30 turns on 1-2 because I took my goddamn sweet time to walk across the map)
  6. So after quite some time I've finally reached the endgame again. I've actually had a slot left over (it's 10 plus reyson), and I'm not actually sure who I want to bring. My vote would probably go for like Boyd or so, but honestly I dunno. Currently I'm bringing Nailah, but in my next playthrough I'm actually thinking of trying to use Fiona. (It's not impossible at least.....just really difficult apparently) I'm not really interested in Jill/Seraph Knights (incl Elincia), Leonardo/Rolf/Astrid are kind of hard to justify, and I already have two Trueblades. The rest of the characters don't hit the 34 speed requirement or are laguz, which are kind of a drag.
  7. From my own experience, while it's an interesting idea in theory i guess, in practice. In POR, I never really felt Biorhythm was a thing. In RD? Holy crap. If I have my math right, biorhythm is the difference between you having 90 hit rate to enemy 50 hit rate, and the reverse. Which is just ridiculous. Either the fluctations have to be decreased, or just removed entirely. Bliss in RD is generally a waste of time since Herons have better things to do (usually Vigor). The other issue is that the game, while it shows you the waveform, it doesn't exactly tell you what the next step is, and so it fluctuates wildly. I think it's mainly only an issue when your units have trouble hitting/dodging in the first place, but in this case it's just exacerbating the inconsistency of the DB units and a few others.
  8. Hmm, I'm a little confused about the actual implementation of this, since availability is a thing (and well, forced units and actually completing the game), as in, are you still going to be using the other characters? To be honest Endgame isn't(?) that bad possibly, but I was thinking about the impact on certain chapters, mostly Part 2 and the DB chapters in Part 3 or so. While it's only slightly related, another might be how you split up the characters in Part 4.
  9. I happen to be replaying the game again right now, but this is from memory from my previous runs I think, 10 slots if I recall correctly.
  10. Depending on what actually happens by "Lunatic+". Birthright and Revelations L+ (not necessarily a walk in the park, but still doable, similar to FE13 L) seem to be ok, but it'd be fairly easy to make unwinnable situations I'd think, so they would need more specialized changes rather than blanket changes. The stat line should probably be the same, but even weapon changes (unlikely perhaps? Forged weapons are debatable) could prove to be too unstable. If they were to simply slap Vantage+/Luna+/Hawkeye, it'd start to get ridiculous quite quickly, moreso with Counter and the changes to ranged weapons, even without counterbombs. A more varied approach would be better I'd think...though it might not really fit the definition of "Lunatic+" For Conquest, the main thing I find is that making it even more difficult on top of the existing difficulty would be rather crazy. By themselves, Vantage+/Luna+/Hawkeye seem ok, but when you add it to the already existing skillset/enemy positioning/weapons, it's very easy to create huge difficulty and what not. It's not impossible, but even with the changes, it feels like it'd be quite difficult. On the other hand, if the changes are too minimal (simply slapping Vantage+ plus Hawkeye, etc,) then it'd be quite boring, even if it's challenging...though it's hard to tell right now. The thing is, recklessly handing out staves, the new enemy only skills, etc, would probably make the early and even lategame too difficult.
  11. Superior Skill When fighting an enemy with the same type of weapon (Sword, Lance, Axe, etc), Hit rate +50, Avoid +50, Critical +20, Damage dealt +5, Damage taken -5 Pretty broken, but very lul
  12. Generic version of mine. The trigger condition might be a bit tough though.
  13. Hoshido: Chest in Chapter 20, Chest in Chapter 25 Nohr: Chest in Chapter 23 Revelations: Chest in Chapter 21, Stealth Reward in Chapter 24.
  14. AFAIK the exp gain basically says 1: Sing to a higher leveled unit 2: Don't sing to a healer/associated classes (because they give less exp)
  15. Hoshido 23: The Boss drops it. Nohr 20: Chest Revelations 20: Chest
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