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  1. For what I can observe, it only applies consistently to 5 stars heroes though !
  2. For what I saw, all growth rates do +1 when going 3 to 4 stars, and almost all do +2 when going 4 to 5 stars.
  3. Just wanted to link my android app IV calculator since it's not in the first post ! Just finished updating it with the new heroes, along with UX features :)
  4. Probably obvious for you, but you can get a lot of wiki data at once by downloading the json file which powers their IV calculator. May be easier than crawling it for hours ^^
  5. Hum, that's a really interesting way to see things. Could also explain why it doesn't seem to apply consistently to 4 stars units. Maybe they have other "growth silos" ?
  6. Interestingly, +28 growth rate which is also +9 from +19 doesn't exhibit the phenomenon though (like shown by effie 5 stars hp variation). So, it's not only the modulo 9 which matters :/
  7. Would you mind posting your ephraim stats ?
  8. Can confirm, double boon/bane is a myth, just because gamepress is totally unable to correctly collect data.
  9. The lvl1 4* 18 14 ... is +HP -Def The lvl1 4* 17 15 ... is +Atk -Spd Cheers :)
  10. @JSND You can (maybe) use https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=c4stor.com.feheroes for 4 and 5 stars heroes :) I'll add the new banner tonight (european timezone) ! :)
  11. Hey :) I'm the guy who did this reddit thread : From the screenshots in there, and a bit everywhere on reddit, I gather the following base stats for the 4 new 5 stars characters at level 1 : Julia 15/16/17 22/23/24 6/7/8 3/4/5 7/8/9 Ephraim 18/19/20 24/25/26 5/6/7 7/8/9 4/5/6 Seliph 18/19/20 23/24/25 6/7/8 7/8/9 4/5/6 Eirika 17/18/19 22/23/24 8/9/10 6/7/8 5/6/7 Cheers :) C4stor
  12. Hi :) @Grysun AFAIK, +3/-4 or +4/-3 are the highest variations ever experienced in Fire Emblem Heroes due to natures at level 40. Until I'm proven wrong of course, but it seems to hold for now. The gamepress IV nature calculator is, honestly, pretty bad in term of accuracy. So, shameless self advertising plug : I'm making an, I believe, more accurate IV calculator on https://play.google.com/apps/publish/?dev_acc=00446137691776929935#RatingsPlace:p=c4stor.com.feheroes If you don't like Android apps, the gamewith calculator is really good too : https://fireemblem.gamewith.jp/article/show/51662 except that their "5 stars" spinner contains the stats for 4 stars heroes, and vice-versa... If you happen to use my app and find anyerror, feel free to PM me here, I'm checking on a daily basis my inbox and can get updates shipped in no time ! Cheers :)
  13. Hi :) I'm the author of an android app trying to summarize hero stats too, and looking to enrich my data :) Can I use your spreadsheet as a source of data ? (not in an automated way) Thanks :) C4stor
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