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  1. You could give her the Elite Ring to level up fast. but you won't get it until chapter 2, and it's expensive.
  2. You can go with Ayra/Noish if you want. but if it's your first time, go with Ayra/Lex.
  3. status: missing

    1. Starman


      Happy birthday!

    2. riariadne


      happy birthday to my man holmes

  4. just gonna post here for once. and then, probably be inactive again.
  5. Been awhile since I played the Tellius games.
  6. Things are okay, I guess. ahh, okay then. I wasn't active last year so I didn't know. also, I have this avi with santa hat, which I'm currently using it somewhere else. should I use it here too?
  7. Hai there BLS! I see many avis with santa hat in it. Is this a fad or tradition?
  8. Dooonn'ttt.. play my heart swing lady! Theyy'rree.. not for playing I don't know if I got the lyrics right..
  9. One of the reasons why I bought a Wii U.
  10. I always hear you say "it's okay" to almost everyone. I always read that in toad's voice from Super Mario Advance. Yeah, I came back from the dead, but went inactive again. and then I came back again. I'm not sure if I'm gonna be active this time. Of course, I remember you. I haven't forgotten anyone. Thanks, man.
  11. I was known as Holmes when I posted here. I doubt you still remember me tho. I came here by coincidence. Hey, I haven't interacted with you before. and yet, you still remember me. I'm flattered. It's always okay.
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