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  1. I managed to find it, so I've added it to the first post :)
  2. Feel free to post them here for the time being! If I'm not mistaken, you're posting them to your Tumblr account as well, correct? I could link that in the first post if you like.
  3. Thanks for pointing that out, I'll fix it right away. I think a lot of people would be interested in knowing the directly translated versions of the supports. If you'd like to make a thread I could link here :)
  4. Current progress: Added missing Caeda x Celica support With the game datamined and all the localized supports out, I've decided to compile all the English supports on one page with spoiler tags. Big thanks to @Corbin, @VincentASM, @Azure Sen, @unique and shadowstrike.tumblr.com for helping to clean these supports. Rowan: Lianna Takumi Marth Robin Celica Xander Lucina Elise Lianna: * Rowan * Corrin * Leo * ??? DLC Spoilers (Only found in English. Potentially an early draft left in by accident.) * Caeda * Sakura * Ryoma * Chrom * Lyn Chrom: * Ryoma * Camilla * Robin * Marth * Lianna * Lucina * Elise * Lyn Lissa: * Takumi * Sakura * Elise * Xander * Cordelia * Lucina * Anna Frederick: * Corrin * Hinoka * Xander * Camilla * Lucina * Marth * Leo Cordelia: * Ryoma * Hinoka * Sakura * Lucina * Lissa * Caeda * Camilla (Only found in English. Likely scrapped in release version of the game.) Robin: * Rowan * Corrin * Xander * Leo * Chrom * Tiki * Lyn Lucina: * Elise * Hinoka * Frederick * Cordelia * Marth * Anna * Chrom * Lissa * Rowan Sakura: * Camilla * Lissa * Tiki * Cordelia * Lianna * ??? DLC Spoilers (Only found in English. Potentially an early draft left in by accident.) Elise: * Lucina * Hinoka * Chrom * Lissa * Tiki * Rowan Hinoka: * Cordelia * Caeda * Lucina * Frederick * Elise Camilla: * Sakura * Chrom * Cordelia (Only found in English. Likely scrapped in release version of the game.) * Frederick * Anna * Caeda Takumi: * Rowan * Xander * Lissa * Lyn Leo: * Lianna * Ryoma * Robin * Frederick Corrin: * Lianna * Robin * Ryoma * Xander * Tiki * Frederick * Lyn * Celica Ryoma: * Corrin * Leo * Cordelia * Chrom * Marth * Anna * Lianna Xander: * Corrin * Marth * Takumi * Robin * Lissa * Frederick * Celica * Lyn * Rowan Marth: * Rowan * Ryoma * Xander * Chrom * Lucina * Frederick * Caeda * Tiki * Celica * Lyn Caeda: * Lianna * Hinoka * Marth * Camilla * Tiki * Anna * Cordelia * Celica Tiki: * Caeda * Corrin * Sakura * Marth * Elise * Lyn * Robin * Celica Lyn: * Corrin * Takumi * Xander * Chrom * Marth * Tiki * Celica * Anna * Robin * Lianna: Celica: * Rowan * Corrin * Xander * Marth * Tiki * Lyn * Anna * Caeda Anna: * Ryoma * Lucina * Camilla * Robin * Lissa * Caeda * Celica * Lyn
  5. Cleaning up some of the supports missing from the first page Rowan x Lianna Rowan x Robin Lianna x Chrom Lianna x Ryoma Lianna x Caeda Chrom x Robin Chrom x Ryoma Lissa x Takumi Lissa x Cordelia Tiki x Robin Tiki x Caeda Caeda x Cordelia
  6. Here are Elise's supports: Elise x Lucina : https://pastebin.com/EAGcrZjN Elise x Hinoka : https://pastebin.com/kvDeQWQT Elise x Rowan : Elise x Chrom Elise x Lissa Elise x Tiki
  7. If you don't mind, I've started to further clean and correct your Marth supports to match the previous formatting, as well as adding his support with Tiki. Marth x Celica (Not mine) : http://serenesforest.net/download/few/Marth-Celica.txt Marth x Lyn (Not mine) : https://pastebin.com/yaVguL16 Marth x Lucina : https://pastebin.com/QqUB7eH9 Marth x Chrom Marth x Frederick Marth x Ryoma (Might require further editing once the game is out in English) Marth x Xander Marth x Caeda Marth x Tiki Marth x Rowan
  8. I'll be doing Anna's next. In the meantime could you update the front post with the ones completed so far, Corbin? Anna x Lucina : https://pastebin.com/iB1SgMRZ Anna x Lyn (Not mine) : https://pastebin.com/GPygYw4t Anna x Celica (Not mine) : https://serenesforest.net/download/few/Anna-Celica.txt Anna x Camilla Anna x Robin Anna x Ryoma Anna x Caeda Anna x Lissa
  9. These are actually the ENG localized supports that are already in the game data, I'm simply cleaning them up and formatting them properly. It'll be interesting to compare the localized and translated supports once they're all finished.
  10. Leo up next: Leo x Frederick Leo x Lianna Leo x Robin Leo x Ryoma I believe that's all of Leo's. I'll take a quick break and finish some more later.
  11. I was about to start Camilla's, but it seems I've hit the guest post limit on pastebin. If it's alright I'll start posting them here instead. Camilla x Chrom Camilla x Frederick Camilla x Caeda Camilla x Cordelia (Fixed some of the spelling errors too) Camilla x Anna And that's all of Camilla's.
  12. Thank you! I've been looking across the forums to see which supports haven't been done yet and I'm gradually going through characters one at a time. I'll gladly do Camilla's next once I've finished Corrin's!
  13. Gonna start working on Hinoka's, I'll gradually update this post with progress. Hinoka x Frederick : https://pastebin.com/miyM3Ni3 Hinoka x Elise : https://pastebin.com/kvDeQWQT Hinoka x Caeda : https://pastebin.com/n9REfYhz Hinoka x Cordelia : https://pastebin.com/3cDW0sS7 Hinoka x Lucina : https://pastebin.com/Mw4mb9TZ Seems that's all of hers done. Working on Corrin next. Corrin x Lianna : https://pastebin.com/vC9Nps9W Corrin x Frederick : https://pastebin.com/mv5P7ZQd Corrin x Robin : https://pastebin.com/96gJS2jU Corrin x Ryoma : https://pastebin.com/R3Lb7KLV Corrin x Xander : https://pastebin.com/Kvx5GbeX Corrin x Tiki : https://pastebin.com/qgbEmEiP
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