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  1. Among the ones between Alear and the four crown royals, my favorites are those with Ivy and Alfred. The only non-Alear support I have seen is between Yunaka and Seadall, but I thought that was also really good.
  2. I found the context for Claude’s “grasping” comment. It’s
  3. Joe Zieja has confirmed he’s playing Claude! https://mobile.twitter.com/JoeZieja/status/1151639441892503552
  4. I just watched that same video and Ferdinand sounds exactly like Billy Kametz. I hope it is him because he needs more video game roles.
  5. Black Eagles: Bernadetta: Archer/Knight Petra: Pegasus Knight Caspar: Brawler Ferdinand: Cavalier Blue Lions: Mercedes: Priest Felix: Mercenary Ashe: Thief Ingrid: Cavalier/Pegasus Knight Golden Deer: Hilda: Brigand Lysithea: Mage Ignace: Archer Lorenz: Cavalier That's all I have for now. Pardon the unoriginality.
  6. I saw a post on Tumblr saying that Caspar is Ben Diskin since the former's voice actor is heard speaking in the Japanese trailer where latter was heard in the English version. I went to confirm this by playing Caspar's introductory video and the recent Japanese trailer back to back and found that they did match. Thoughts?
  7. I'm gonna have to disagree with you on that. Listen from 2:01 to 2:39.
  8. I just checked the Gamespot footage and take back my prediction for Ben voicing Sylvain. That being said, I can safely say that Mercedes is likely being voiced by Dorothy Fahn based on what I heard.
  9. I am 99% sure Ben Diskin is voicing Sylvain. I caught part of his voice during the Blue Lions segment of the footage from E3 today.
  10. I absolutely hope that Byleth is just a more proactive Mark, partially because I'm far more invested in Edelgard, Dmitri, and Claude that I am in him.
  11. We'll likely get it if they end up showing it off later.
  12. All I can say is.... HOLY ****, this game looks freaking incredible! The graphics, the music, the gameplay, the voice acting (if everyone else is giving as good a performance as Christina Vee), it all exceeded my expectations.
  13. To be honest, I was kind of anticipating Corrin would have a conversation with one of the SD characters, but of all people I wasn't expecting Navarre... The convo has yet to pop up on Youtube but I look foward to seeing it, it should be... interesting.
  14. I'm still on Chapter 3 so I haven't gotten to face any arcanists yet. That being said, I'll keep an eye out for that Steel Bow. Thanks!
  15. Personality-wise, I'd go with Faye. If there's one character type I absolutely hate, it's the satellite character, and Faye has to be one of the worst uses of the trope I've seen in modern media, let alone the Fire Emblem series. To be fair, I tried to like her at first, but as I began her supports with Alm and Silque, her obsession with the former became so. Goddamn. Irritating! I know there are other characters in the series that may also qualify as "satellites", but the difference there is that they have other character traits to fall back on. Gameplay-wise, I'm going with Python. He has consistently proven to be the most useless character in Alm's story. Python not only sucks at dealing damage, but in almost every battle I've used him in, he dies. As a result, I end up wasting turns on Mila's timewheel because perfectionistic nature forbid I complete the battle with one less unit. Honestly, I'm beginning to wonder whether I should start leaving him behind in every future map.
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