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  1. you can only use that with the original/japanese file of the game. the addresses are different for english patched game. im a noob when it comes to comparing addresses between files so i couldnt find a way to use the editor.
  2. So I'm trying to find pointers for EXP modifiers and stat growths and such by using Cheat Engine. Any idea where I should start or tips to do that? Much appreciated.
  3. All thanks to you. You are awesome!
  4. yeah weapon skills addresses are s0 + 0x21/22/23 and s0 + 0x2f. They don't have to be exactly that but are close to those addresses.
  5. Thank you. I figured that out. The reason I couldn't find it at first was because the byte was reversed for me. Anyway, have you found a way to edit weapon skills? P.S: Actually I've found the addresses to edit weapon skills and some of the stats. I can't find the address for Movement range.
  6. Hello, Do you know how I can add items to inventory? I tried changing s2 and it worked but it seems that only changed the equipped weapon into another item. And please show me how to change the duration/number of items too. Thank you very much and best wishes to you and your family.
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