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  1. Lol, yeah; SO. Has a weird sounding name.
  2. Will kill for food. XD Actually, If I wanted to kill someone for gold, now that I think on it, probably Lucius for looking like a girl. $20,000 gold would have me set for the rest of the quest. ^^
  3. No, never done it, though friends use to call me a lot and make pranks.
  4. Deity


    .yats ruoy yojne dna nuf evah ,emocleW Oh...I meant: Welcome, have fun and enjoy your stay.
  5. Yeah, that's alright, change your avy to a dragon. ;)
  6. I wouldn't part with anyone of my characters, tbh here. Money is not everything, as they say lol. :D
  7. Cool, I will be happily waiting for it, Princess. *Waits* XD

  8. Lol, ok.

    And BTW, Your request is in the Line art stage, expect your request in a week or two. ^^

  9. Naw, I rarely use arenas now. Last time I did I lost a character, so you could say that that was a turning point for me. Even if I started a new quest again, I wouldn't abuse, there is no need for it.
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