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  1. Happy Birthday, sorry for being late!

  2. Happy Birthday!!! (again)

  3. Happy Birthday thingy dude!

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  5. Wha..? I witnessed this thread's birth maybe years ago, and it's still going?
  6. Same here. I'm gay and I love using such words pejoratively because they're just so versatile and because it would be silly if someone called me a gayhater. If there were another word that could contain the same sentiments but could not potentially irk gays, I'd probably use it instead, but hammering on the offensiveness of the word "faggot" would actually be insulting yourself. I also agree with the other poster's notion that gay marriage isn't the only subject there is. Raising a child (though not something I desire to do in the near future) seems like a much greater right to me than admistratively being a couple and getting some financial benefits, and especially the extention of standing in a church and getting to hear "I now pronounce you man and man". Also, off-topic; English is not a "Terrible language". It's simple and concise, while you can't write a paragraph of Dutch without making some kind of spelling or punctuation error. Unless you learn several pages of rules and exceptions by heart. And vocabulary is only as rotten as people make it out to be. If diseases were people, The Netherlands would be the most offensive country ever. As for religion, my faith in its evolution towards acceptance died at about when that jehova-witnessing dipshit posted in the last homosexuality thread ages ago. Some people seem to have managed to combine the two (even muslims) by some obscure detour of logic, which I find pretty amazing. Where I live, things like "promoting homosexuality" and "making people gay" never EVER enter any discussion. Although there was never anything about it in school...
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