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  1. I think it's probably worth mentioning that, in fairness, this kind of sexualization seems very common in contemporary Japanese animation. It's not just Mr. Kozaki.
  2. Obviously I was being sarcastic, in response to Interceptor's profound idiocy.
  3. Second person implying I'm a pedophile because I'm not a unbathed, unemployed loser who pretends to be smart on the internet. She's wearing stripper boots and very little clothing. She plays house. Nowi says she's been around the block thousands of times. You, the player, can marry her. She has a child. She has a confession scene. She is sexualized. BrightBow you should be banned from this site You are clearly a PROJECTING PEDOPHILE
  4. Most people would consider stripper boots, no shirt, her wink, and that pose to be sexualized. Please stop trying to defend a game with embarrassing art design.
  5. I agree, but don't forget her personality: she plays house. She has the mind of a preteen.
  6. I believe this is less a matter of "Puritans" and more a matter of "I'm not a fat sweaty weeaboo who needs sexualized children in my strategy RPG title." Awakening's designs are less "bad" and more just.. embarrassing.
  7. I've used General!Frederick on Lunatic challenge runs before, and he's excellent. Speed potions and pairing up exist, and this probably won't even be necessary against lolHard enemies.
  8. That guy got downvoted to death even though he's absolutely right. Reddit, ladies and gentlemen.
  9. You are arguing that Frederick is absolutely necessary to complete the earlygame. Frederick is not, in fact, absolutely necessary to complete the earlygame. He makes the earlygame much easier, yes, which is why he gets credit for that performance. You can. It's just a hilariously suboptimal strategy. The point is that even if we're operating under the silly standard that necessary = top of the list, Frederic is not strictly necessary. Please tell me how else to interpret "non-zero chance of failure"
  10. Awakening is also possible without Frederick if you get lucky, so I fail to see the difference. Even if you are going to rank "absolutely necessary" characters at the very top, Frederick fails to qualify. Also, some more thoughts about the non-zero chance of failure approach Paperblade suggested: if I'm wrapping my mind around this correctly, it would mean treating all non-100 displayed hit values for the player as 0 and all non-0 displayed hit values for the enemy as 100.
  11. Necessary Tier 3DS Awakening game cart / digital download Vision Working hands Sentience Frederick Pretty Good Tier Avatar In case you couldn't tell, I find "necessary therefore best" arguments incredibly stupid. By that logic, most lords would be at the top of top tier, as seizing is necessary to complete the game. And what would we do with healers? Healing isn't strictly necessary to complete Awakening, but offense is. Should we move them to bottom because they aren't strictly necessary? Character rankings are based on contributions. Frederick contributes in the first four maps to an incredible degree, but what Avatar does for the rest of the game is more valuable on the whole, as it spans a longer period of time. (P.S. The first four maps can technically be solo'd with any set of Paired Up units if you get enough Dual Guard rolls, so Frederick is never completely necessary.)
  12. 99 displayed chance of hitting. 99 displayed chance of second hit. 99 displayed chance of third hit. 99 displayed chance of fourth hit. ... 99 displayed chance of ninety-ninth hit. According to your standard, this isn't good enough. Yes I am being intentionally obstinate here, but "non-zero" is an *incredibly* difficult standard to hold up, especially on Lunatic (where units like Vaike, who are not very good and have low hit, are considered as used for tiering purposes) with its killer enemies. how does this follow oh i see you're trying to be clever In the comparison between "Necessary to complete four maps" and "Breaks half of the game single-handedly," the latter is going to win out due to greater contributions over longer periods of time.
  13. >while never getting into a nonzero% chance of death situation Even with true hit, the one-in-a-million is going to be hard to phase out without hella turtling.
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