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  1. Is there anyone who still doesn't understand it? I'd personally prefer the penalties stay in 3-1, if not only allow one extra unit similar to 3-3. 1-P 6 Turns "Yup" 1-1 6/12 "Yup" (Steel Sword was not obtained) 1-2 6/18 "Yup" (Got the Wind Edge and Energy Drop, Micaiah also used the dracoshield) 1-3 6/24 Rushed down the right side. Micaiah dodged a few shots and Sothe killed a bunch of guys. 1-4 7/31 Thank you Sho. 1-5 6/37 Volug takes the energy drop and Micaiah takes the Robe. The main reason Volug would take the drop was because he could 1RKO the bandits in 1-8. 1-6 6,2/45 Volug helped Sothe forge ahead then went back to help Micaiah handle the Knights and Pegasus. Sothe hid in the grass with Adept and killed everything with the power of forges. The second part was an easy kill. 1-7 6/51 After this chapter Volug was 2 or 3 hits short of achieving S Strike. Once he gets the extra power he will be able to solo the western side. Otherwise I just ran through the castle. I didn't record stats. But everyone is pretty much on average and Micaiah isn't getting doubled.
  2. In that case (because I wanted Lyre) I will take my one staff unit, Bastian. Also just to clarify we are allowed to use Ilyana to move items to Part III right?
  3. It was a tough and probably stupid decision but I am going to take Astrid.
  4. Nealuchi. I should have at least one unit drafted for part II.
  5. In that case I'll take Naesala. I had a mindset to just have at least one or the other.
  6. I'll join this one, it has been awhile since I've played RD on normal.
  7. I'll personally join if attack is free. I don't feel like joining a draft that is an auto win or loss. Just noticed above that Pronoun Ninja'd my spot. Maybe the last draft pick is shared between the third and fourth person just to keep an even 16 spots.
  8. Nothing really groundbreaking happened in Chargestone Cave the tower or the gym. Palpitoad evolved but nobody really did much more than self improvement and killed shit. Solosis evolved and its HP is actually ice, which I used to kill the two Unfezants in the gym. Speaking of Unfezant high basically 1hko'd everything in the gym it fought but Swana. Emboar 38- Self improvement, Unfezant 38- Aerial Ace Return Fly Quick attack, self improvement and it no longer needs to fuck around with special attacks Gigalith 36- Self improvement. Sesmitoad 36- Good job handling the 2nd have of Chargestone Cave. Duosion 36-I'm gaining more confidence in it now. Its more sturdy and does have great special attack. (Psyshock HP-Ice Future Sight Recover) Escavlier 35-Did a bit of battling with Celestial Tower's trainers, so basically self improvement. (Aerial Ace X-Scissor Bug Buzz Slash)
  9. Not much to say about Driftveil's actual battles since Plasma and all of the gym trainers are a joke. I caught a quiet Karrablast (spartan) and evolved him and Stoner at this point. High evolved also. I'm nervous to deploy Solosis in serious battles against trainers because its defenses are still kinda shaky. I'll use it once it evolves. Palpitoad 1hko'd everything in the gym except for the other Palpitoads and Excadrill. Excadrill was 2hko'd with muddy water and high 1hko all of the Palpitoads with return. The real challenge was Bianca, obviously. Stoner beat Herdier. High beat Panpour. Spartan fury cuttered the hell out of Servine and Musharna. Movesets will be updated later I don't have my DS by me atm. Pignite 35- I don't know who the true MVP is but because of Pignite's lack of a strong moveset atm it is fading away. Heat stamp isn't too reliable since he is still one level away from evolving. I except redemption though. Unfezant 32- Return+massage+soothe bell+adamant nature and good speed=:) Gigalith 30- Gigalith has the highest attack in the group but its a little bit limited by it's moveset that is mainly rock slide and strength. I guess I'll teach it bulldoze. Its still great though. Palpitoad 33- Well because of the last two gyms it has been on a role lately. Ignoring grass types that Pignite/Unfezant/Escavalier can handle it is doing great. A little more special attack would be nice but its 2hko'ing everything. Solosis 29- Almost there...see above paragraph for thoughts. Escavalier 30- Shitty base moveset (headbutt fury cutter fury attack and false swipe which became bug buzz) but it will learn iron head x-scissor soon enough. Using Fury cutter against Bianca was a cheap laugh though.
  10. Nicknamed Solosis 9monthwall and found out that its HP is water. I was personally hoping for grass or electric but oh well. Tympole and Roggenrola evolved. Both of them solo'd the gym. Stoner's smack down was able to 1hko all of the Emolga. N was an easy win also. Ganon Pignite 28 (rollout nitro charge ember arm thrust)- Self improvement High Tranquill 25 (air cutter quick attack return roost)- Self improvement and it learned a real attack. Stoner Boldore 27 (power gem strength smack down mudslap)- Owned the gym leader. Gunk Palpitoad 29 (muddy water aqua ring bubblebeam mud shot)- Owned the gym trainers. 9monthwall Solosis 25 (recover psyshock Hidden Power Gyro Ball(trollolol))-Spoon fed with the exp share it hasn't had a real battle yet.
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