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  1. I can necropost right? So, I used to exist and to make maps and stuff, but I haven't map in ages cause reasons since I don't plan to use anything nor "map" anytime soon, you can use my maps as you want and edit/improve them. some of them might lack shading or have height problems. also, most aren't very good, but whatever also mugs lol Notes: -only FMP map files cause reasons -world map was supposed to be a huge map. it's really incomplete. -the names suck -I don't know how to work with mediafire so if something is wrong/could work better say it please -I dunno if some stuff is already being used... now I can die in peace
  2. I decided to try and do weapon icons [spoiler=Scythe] and another one:
  3. Thanks, you remind me that I exist and that I do maps, I haven't done one in a lot of time
  4. [spoiler=Why] If you add the the weapon triangle thing of Sword and Lances you get: Strong Against Axe + Weak Against Lance + Strong Against Sword + Weak Against Axe = Strong Agaisnt Sword + Weak Agaisnt Lance, which is is the same weapon triangle thing of a Reaver Axe
  5. that map has a wall all around it, I don't think it's a good map for this, you can always destroy the all, but still...
  6. It is not that hard to kill them both with sap
  7. because this is weird, it's not on purpose
  8. and I can't edit... yes, you should try to play DQIX again
  9. what the hell? this is really weird I can't also quote
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