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Fire Emblem Sacred Stone Freeze issue

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I play Fire Emblem Sacred Stones (Europe) on an Emulator (JohnGBA) on Android, and there are 2 moments in the game where it freezes:


- when I try to use the Arena in the Chapter where you find Ines on Eirika's route (Ch 10 I think)

- in the Tower of Valni, at the end of the third floor: if I chose to stop there nothing is wrong, but when I chose to continue the Tower, the games instantly freezes.


I've tried in multiple save slots and this problem is located in all of them, so I think the issue is related to the ROM. Is there a way to "repair" the ROM (with a patch or something like that) ?

I don't care about the Arena issue, but the Valni one is annoying because I wanna do the Creature Campaign.

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Moved to the correct subforum.

I would honestly say the emulator is more likely at-fault than the ROM, but if you want to try downloading another copy of the ROM, give it a shot. But no, there's no straightforward way to repair a ROM like a Steam install.

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