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Thematically Appropriate Exchanges

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So, I was training up my Emblem Ike in the assorted stratums of the training tower and a couple of times extremely appropriate exchanges happened between him and his foes. It felt like battle conversations and such! I wanted to share them and was all "Why not make a thread about it?" I'd love to see any you encountered between units you were using and their foes too!

For the sake of avoiding spoilers for people still wanting to play through various titles, let's use spoiler tags to describe these.

Emblem Ike (Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn/Engage)

Encounter 1 - Soren


The computer happened to generate both Mist and Soren in this one. This was more just how the units wound up placing themselves, but Soren never attacked Ike.

Encounter 2 - Zelgius


Great Aether activated so Zelgius attacked first. He activated his special on the 2nd hit.

Zelgius: Say your prayers!

Ike tanked it, then struck back, activating his special as well.

Ike: This one's mine!

And then Zelgius died.

Encounter 3 - Fallen Ike


Emblem Ike initiated combat on this one. Then, he activated his special.

Embelm Ike: I will guide you.

It was like a mercy kill, or a defeat in an attempt to save (or "guide") his fallen self.

I found the actions and exact special quote activations to just be so appropriate. It was so fun! Please share your own as you encounter them, or particularly memorable ones from the past!

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It's often the same for me except it's with movement quote exchanges. Sometimes I get something very smooth like

L!Lilina: "What should I do?"

Bramimond (Alphonse voice): "You should do as you like"


Something that's just hilarious like

Surtr: "All will burn!"

Amelia: "Yup!"

Or I'll get some that are both fitting and hilarious like these

Ashera (a goddess): "I am the answer."

F!Edelgard (who abhors deities): "WHAT?"


Jeralt: "Move out!"

S!Bernie: "Do I have to?"

Muspell: "...Now!"

S!Bernie: "Okay okay!"


and countless more

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@Baron the Shining Blade

Nice! I actually made a thread like this one for movement quotes in the past. If I can find it, maybe I should revive it. I'm the original poster, so it wouldn't be necro-ing, I don't think.

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