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Please help me... I'm devastated...

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I'm a huge fire emblem fan, and I really want to get the most out of every fire emblem game. I just finished playing Radiant Dawn for the first time on Dolphin Emulator. I absolutely loved it! I did play Path of Radiance before starting RD so I could transfer the saved data. Which I wasn't able to do it because it said slot A memory card was corrupted? I just started the new game without the PoR save file since I didn't really mind not benefiting from transfer data. Anyways, now that I finished playing RD, I was trying to start my second playthrough from the cleared file and it happened again!!!! "The memory Card in Slot A has not been formatted and cannot be used as is." What? I was able to pull the saved files during the playthrough and now that I want to start a new game from the cleared file it is not formatted?? What is going on... What did I do wrong...

I was really looking forward for the second playthrough... I really wanted to use new characters and see Ike/Soren conversation. I'm devastated.... Someone please help me...

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Try checking if the save files are still present - they should be somewhere in the dolphin folder in appdata (you should check where exactly either on dolphin home page or maybe on reddit).

When you backup the files, try to reinstall dolphin. Check reddit or any other forum to see if it happened before.

Unfortunately if the files really are corrupted, there is nothing you can do.

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Posted (edited)

I don't suppose you were playing on easy in Path of Radiance? The US Radiant Dawn disc originally had issues using easy mode transfers. The only way to fix it was to send it to Nintendo, and Nintendo would send you back a Radiant Dawn disc that could load the easy mode transfers from Path of Radiance. I was actually able to do that, though I no longer have that Radiant Dawn disc. It's possible that the Radiant Dawn version you're using on emulation has that same problem. Unless you already looked into that?

If this is the reason, if you're able to find a normal or hard mode path of radiance save, you should still be able to load those boosts. Though PoR easy mode's copious amount of EXP makes it much easier to transfer many units boosts to Radiant Dawn.

BTW - I have no idea exactly what the error message was for easy mode transfers.

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If all you want is to see the Playthrough 2 content, then I guess any person's save data will do. Just download a .bin file, and in Dolphin select Tools > Import Wii Save. There might not be anything we can do about getting your authentic PoR Transfer bonuses

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Well, I don't really need to transferr over PoR files anymore, I just want to play 2nd time with cleared file for RD. I should have mentioned that I played Japanese version on normal mode. I downloaded the JP version and installed Korean patch. Maybe it is the copy that I downloaded that has the problem... so sad

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