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My top 5 include Robin, Noire, Lon'qu, Cherche, and Gaius. I wasn't playing optimally at all but they were getting some crazy levels consistently so it didn't matter

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On 5/13/2024 at 11:50 AM, AzureEmperor said:


In my lunatic save file, Noire got killed, despite me grinding for an hour straight (i made her a bride, she was Level 24 when she got killed (20 levels as an archer, 4 as a bride)), Ricken was her father, she had mag of 31 + a forged thoron with +3 might, +10 hit. The top child was Morgan, she literally ORKO'd enemies (as a sorcerer with mag of 41 with Goetia.) In the lunatic run (which was my second latest run), Morgan was the best (no doubts.)

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