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*plays Power Rangers theme*


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<Nightmarre> There's lots of time so tell me...

<Nightmarre> Penis?

<Raven> Penis.

<Fireman> It's Penis Time. B)

<Raven> *Plays Power Rangers theme* It's Penis Time~!

<Raven> We can be... the Penis Rangers.

<Fireman> I call Black Penis!

<Raven> Now with added IncestZords

<Raven> My IncestZord will be the head of the PenisIncestZord

<Raven> Our main weapon will be MegaPenisCannon

<Nightmarre> Dammit

<Nightmarre> Fireman got Black Penis...

<Fireman> Wanna trade then?

<Raven> I'm White Penis

<Red_Fox> I call Red Penis

<Raven> For can be Red Penis

<Raven> Yes

<Raven> Fox*

<Fireman> I guess I could take Yellow Penis.

<Raven> Pink Penis?

<Nightmarre> Lol

<Nightmarre> Pink Penis...

<Nightmarre> Who shall be the White Penis?

<Raven> Me, called

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