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This was meant to be an "easy" article, but I ended up having some problems with it. Maybe because I'm currently lacking inspiration ^^;;;


Tiki is the princess of the Naga, the Divine Dragon clan, and the daughter of the Divine Dragon King. Both her appearance and personality are that of a young girl.


In Shadow Dragon

Possessed by Gharnef's spell, Tiki is forced to guard the Fane of Raman, where the Starsphere and Lightsphere reside. When the Akaneian League enters the fane to retrieve the two orbs, Bantu notices that Tiki is under a spell and is successfully able to release her. Afterwards, Bantu promises Tiki that he won't leave her again and, together, they fight under the banner of Akaneia.

When Tiki speaks to Marth, she calls him "Mar-Mar", similar to how she calls Bantu "Ban-Ban". At first, Marth is taken back by his new nickname, but he allows Tiki to continue using it. When Tiki meets up with Xane, Xane initially mimics Tiki's every word, which quickly causes Tiki to become angry with him. Xane then stops and tries to offer comforting words to her, presumedly because he was ordered by Gotoh to do so.

After Medeus is defeated, Tiki lives a peaceful life along with Bantu. It is said that she spoke fondly of her adventures with Marth, even long after they had ended.

In Mystery of the Emblem

Some time after the War of Darkness ends, Gotoh takes Tiki to the Ice Dragons' Temple and returns her to her deep sleep. As much as Gotoh is against this action, it is for Tiki's own good since, like the other Manaketes, she would degenerate into a wild dragon otherwise.

When Marth travels to the Ice Dragons' Temple to seek the Lightshere, he learns from Xane that Tiki is the daughter of the Divine Dragon King, Naga. To ensure Tiki would not degenarate and attack humans, Naga placed his newly born child into a deep sleep at the Fane of Raman, thus bringing an end to his own life. However, after guarding Tiki for hundreds of years, Bantu, the king's servant, grew attached to her. One day, he woke up Tiki and took her to live in a human village. Later, Gharnef appeared and captured Tiki, presumedly to confine her in the Fane of Raman during the War of Darkness.

Upon reaching the Ice Dragon's Temple, Gotoh agrees to let Tiki follow Marth, assuming Marth has gathered all the Starsphere shards. He explains to Marth that as long as the Shield of Seals is restored, it would protect Tiki, stopping her from degenerating. After awakening from her sleep, Tiki tells Marth that she doesn't want to sleep anymore, because she always has bad dreams, of becoming a wild dragon and attacking humans. Marth comforts Tiki and tells her not to worry, because he will restore the Shield of Seals, and then Tiki could live together with everyone else.

Once the War of Heroes ends, Tiki lives happily together with the citizens at Akaneia's royal palace, as she had wished.

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