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The General's Headquarters

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Ahhh, the Fire Emblem boards. The heart of what was once the decadent Serenes Empire. But, now, we shall make these boards anew! Fabio! Bring me my Cigars and Brandy—we must have a toast to our triumph! Soon, those Administrators who have been a thorn in my side for so long shall be pushed out the way, then my plans will be able to move forward. What dupes all these “revolutionary” fools have been. I barely had to try to foment them, and yet it seems they have done all the work for me. Ahh, Fabio, we should have thought of this years ago! Soon I shall be living it up, and filling my Swiss bank account with my ill-gotten gains from the Serenes treasury.

But the masses are so easily led astray. It was so simple to win them over to me—a few promises of “land” and “post count” and they were practically eating out of my hands. They revere me and take me into there hearts as their hero. It is almost amusing enough to be sad. They are all such pathetic specimens. Hardly worth the trouble it will take for me to crush them under my Jackboot. But I guess that is the way—the weak die, the strong survive. Fabio, you must have no remorse if you are ever to mean anything in this world. Remorse is weakness, no, even worse, remorse is sin—remember, Fabio, we are the future, they are the gutter leavings of History.

And that Party! How ridiculous! To think that they even swallowed that swill. Ahhh, but I think need another glass of Brandy. And another Cigar too, as well. Now that we have secured the most important boards, it is time for the next phase of our plans to com... What is that you say, Fabio? There is still resistance in FFtF!? Ridiculous! Impossible! I cannot have this--these traitors must be crushed immediately, before there poison spreads! I cannot have my new domain be consumed by dissent and civil war. Fabio, see to this immediately.

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Ahh, Fabio, you have returned. And with Raoul as well. Was your mission greeted with success? Excellent! Another toast to us! You both understand what a great victory this is for us? Dissent must be crushed without second though. I have, heard, however, that there have been some holdout elements persisting in the camps. This is unacceptable. Even the caged snake is a snake. Remember that, Fabio…

Ahh, Raoul yes, I know this concerns you. You were always the sensitive one—you used to give you mother so much joy, you know you were her favorite. Elena! How her eyes would light up whenever you entered the room! But you must be strong, Raoul—you are my son like Fabio, and will rule as his second come my passing. You must not let your emotionalism get in the way of sound leadership. How to you think I ever won at Mardingrad? It was not though pity, Raoul.

Also, Fabio, come here. I have also heard there are certain... cosmopolitan intellectuals... preaching against our new order. I want you to deal with these personally as well. Now hurry--you know I have little patience!

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Damn this is the worst case of schizophrenia I've seen since Sweating Bullets

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