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  1. I love Koei, but look if you look at how little the rotk series changed, and how often the new one shits the bed, and then there's the amount of enemies that get lost and never make it to the map if you try co-op, although at least enemy officers don't pop out when you try to double musou anymore. As for the large casts they normally already exist, and rarely change outside of anomalies like Yueying, Lu Bu and Zhang Liao, they tend to go for 8 new character styles at most per game, and SW 4-4-2, and 4-4-2-2 only added in one each as far as I can remember
  2. Don't forget the last FE crossover with no gameplay in the trailer devolved into TMS, so don't be too surprised when Koei follow their dicks and make an Xtreme game instead. You have no idea how lazy Koei can be
  3. I don't know if this would be better suited in Fan projects, as it is technically a re-working of Metroid 2 in a new program with GBA graphics, and an actual map. I never played the original so I can't say how it's different, but I'm guessing the data scans and logbook was added which is a nice touch so far,. All info about it here, also start the betting for how long it takes Nintendo to offer a C&D https://metroid2remake.blogspot.co.uk/ I don't think it counts as a ROM since it is them releasing their work in a whole new format to the original, but as it's based off another IP copyright laws might get a bit iffy, so take it down if need be. Also stuff on Fed Force if anybody's got it yet, I'm waiting another 2 weeks or so to buy it but it would be interesting to see what other people's experience is with it.
  4. Effie is definitely worth keeping all the way to the end, especially paired up with Silas (or I imagine Benny but I benched him). On top of that I think you are fine not being paired up to take out small batches, just when you get specific chokepoints like the ninja cave pair up is definitely advised. Also if possible you want Beruka to learn rally defence by then (chapter 17 I think) One last thing is that you'll want to have somebody that can tank both a beastkiller and a couple of high level magic spells without too much hassle.
  5. Is anybody else having a problem downloading the Marin DLC, it says the 3DS one has been purchased, but the 3DS/Wii U one is unavailable
  6. It's still on the first page so I thought this was worth a mention http://nintendonews.com/news/wii-u/possible-pokken-tournament-dlc-scizor-darkrai-empoleon/ I'm overwhelmingly disappointed with them, Scizoer over Scyther or Heracross, Darkrai in general, or Empoleon over Oshawatt, or anything from the Squirtle, Totodile, or Mudkip lines (excluding Marshtomp and Croconaw) Interesting news regardless, and hopefully if there is a fourth character they'd be more interesting for me.
  7. Who's bottom right in Wei, I don't recognise them, also is anybody getting Medli this week, and how does 3ds dlc work, is it saved onto the 3ds or whatever is in the sd card slot?
  8. I did like the comment there saying "Romance of the Three Mushroom Kingdoms" and "Other M 2 or bust"
  9. What are the training stages like then, I haven't bothered with them yet, but just assumed they were like in the opening with a free all-range mode at the end like in 64 I genuinely think Venom A on Expert Mode was the hardest thing in 64, along with getting a medal on Sector Z.
  10. I died enough times against it to get the scrub mode item to appear, but once I learnt that the intervals get shorter once it surfaces it became a lot easier. My strat was to weaken all 6 on the top before killing more than two, so you can kill the rest all in one swoop, and save all three bombs for the ones on water-level, you have enough time to get close enough time to get in bomb range, destroy them and U-turn before the forcefield starts up again. Also if whoever was stuck on the gigarilla is still stuck, fly/run through the legs like with the first boss in Lylat Wars (not the carrier), that seems to be the safest way to get behind them. One last thing, does anybody know what the top right stage on the score screen, only one I've yet to unlock
  11. I find with the spiders and their red button weakness it helps if you aim charge beams a way above them so it sort of curves down and hits them from above, also when you do have an objective like with the spiders in the tower, or dogfighting, zl is great for finding where they are. The allies were useful in Sector Z for luring enemies into groups so you could get a sneaky hit +1 or 2 from them, and weakening the missiles so long as you didn't let them kill them Also as an aside, I've done this since 64, but no idea if it actually works or not, but for some reason braking whilst turning makes me think you turn quicker
  12. That explains why I heard Katt's theme but Omega was empty. Incidentally, which route did you end up going?
  13. Game came in the post yesterday sans Guard, controls are really weird at first, you eventually begin to get used to them. There's a huge amount of throwbacks to 64 which are nice. So far I haven't seen a full 4 on 4 dog fight with Star Wolf in any of the levels in the route I played. Once/if you can get used to the controls my biggest gripes were the Gyrowing/stealth section being slow and dull, and the BGM won't play on the gamepad, so you have to be using the TV as well, which helps a lot, especially for targeting/finding where the last member of Star Wolf is etc. but still a pain when the tv is in use. Also if there's anything else people want to know that can't wait two days, ask and I'll get back to you after work tomorrow
  14. Seeing your win rank fall like that is the worst thing about the online here
  15. Beta was released yesterday, is anybody else here playing it? From what I've seen so far Victoria needs to be buffed pretty hard, bosses do crazy damage and have insane HP, and every character is so silent in the game that you may as well have a team of four Rochelles, but other than that, the loading time for the lobby list, and the glitches it seems all right so far. Having unique character skills like that is a pretty cool idea, but Dwayne and the Samurai are the only ones I really use.
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