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  1. Btw, in Versus Mode, Tia can transform into Kranion. Which I suppose makes Rakis the only Guardian Dragon to not be playable at all. In Versus Mode, Guardian Dragons do not have their dragon scales. So they are far from invincible there. Versus Mode is honestly really quite elaborate. It has all kinds of features and settings. For example it has the weapon triangle as an optional rule you can enable.
  2. He shows up for one scene as Runan is crossing the sea from Wellt to the mainland in order to shittalk Tia, then is never seen again.
  3. Gotta be where Istoria is. The fabled kingdom that Sennet and Tia spend most of the time fighting, and where my favorite character, the inexplicitly existing Prince Ronald hails from. And Juni, I suppose.
  4. Or any other Witch for that matter. Narcus can transform into enemies too. Including uber classes like Dragon Lord. Only thing he cannot transform into are monsters. The way this works for him is that it's a temporary reclass. He keeps his personal bases and skills instead of using the ones from the target. But Warp is a class skill for Witches, so he gets that one.
  5. I'm surprised that Hilda hasn't been changed. In a way even nerfed, since Axe Guard only blocks 50% damage now. Sure, Hilda was already perfect. She didn't need any changes. But practically everyone else got overhauled, even if they were really good before. Well, technically she got +3 HP. But that's the case for practically all Light Infantry in this version. Probably as compensation for not being able to use shields.
  6. Screw it, Perceval is getting Robust so he can actually risk taking advantage of Arrowbane without potentially immediately getting crippled. At least it's worth trying out, I think. Don't exactly want to give everyone Robust. I like the added layer of depth that the potential risk of crippling gives to the HP stat. Axel is getting Battle Cry, since fighting dirty and stabbing someone in the back while they least expect it is what he is all about, and Battle Cry enables that perfectly. Considering his fragility, I don't think he is really competing with Daoud there.
  7. BandaiNamco wants 20 bucks for the latest Xenoverse 2 DLC? Jesus. You can buy Vestaria Saga II: The Sacred Sword of Silvanister for that kind of money. Granted, it does seem bigger than the previous packs. And I suppose when it comes to Dragonball, you have to expect like a million Gokus and Vegetas. But come on, it's not even some fancy new movie form. It's "Villainous Mode". Which doesn't even mean anything outside of the Xenoverse plot. And nobody cares about the Xenoverse plot. Adding a version of Videl based on Super is really funny though. That anime didn't even seem to be aware that Videl knows how to fly, let alone throw a punch. Even letting Barry Kahn just kidnap her daughter at one point, seemingly without trying to fight back. I mean, you know it's bad when a female character isn't even allowed to put up some token resistance to protect her child.
  8. 3rd run done and I continue the trend of ending with someone dying in the final battle. First it was Ma'aya, this time Accorte. Which does mean Zade heads out with Theodel on his journey instead of her. I wonder how this is justified, given Theodel's existing responsibilities. As for the 2nd run, at the time I felt more like starting a new game instead of tackling the Tower of Anguish. Sometimes I just don't feel like finishing it, even if it's much faster now and very much an entirely different map. This time the reinforcements in the left chamber on the bottom floor didn't spawn. Maybe this was part of the 1.20 update. Apparently there was an issue where Escallone could get attacked, so maybe those were the culprints and therefore were removed? Idk. Bit of a shame since they actually were quite different then before. Back in the day you would simply block them by putting someone in front of the door, so they couldn't leave because they were all melee locked. This time they were all equipped with ranged weapons, including 3-7 range, and more than capable of not making this approach all that feasible.
  9. Considering the AI actually uses Taskmaster now, I am not sure if it's truly possible to reliably beat the imps in chapter 19. Your own Lyttia counters almost all of them with First Blood and 100% daze chance. But if the enemy Lyttia taskmasters Urven, he can use his lance to get around that. And considering all your skeletons have 4 movement, you very much have to let them come to you. You can't beat them to the punch. Granted, no one actually dies for real in that corridor. And with all the buffs being thrown around in this version, you can likely still beat the boss even if you lose someone important there. So idk, maybe using someone disposable as bait here is actually the way to go.
  10. So Penneloupe now makes an appearance in the prison map, as part of the defense forces. But she bails out after she is first engaged in combat. Turns out that Penneloupe's Fell Fury was the same one used by Christiane. Christiane also survives, meets up with Penneloupe, gives her the bow and Penneloupe jumps on her horse and they ride off into the sunset together. Without being able to understand the actual dialog, this has some big roommates energy there. But considering that is still something Kaga never actually committed to, it's probably best not to interpret too much into it. But in any case connecting Penneloupe to an imperial knight is an interesting choice for sure. On a related note, the prison map is much less of a pain now. Cyltan keeps his Light Cavalry movement as a Tarkhan, so he gets around the dirt just fine. Aynelia's pref is much stronger now, so she can actually handle the infiltration. Ma'aya also has much higher bases, and she can now most certainly cause some havoc even without any training. So it doesn't all depend on Eddard anymore. Cyltan also has access to the convoy now, which makes everything a bit more convenient. The hill leading into the prison is also less defended than before, with only one axe master instead of two coming at you as you try to cross. So again, less need for the raw statistical might of Eddard. This is somewhat compensated for by the fact that there is now a second sentry on the hill. That one has a psychic link with the first, so he likely ends up with one hell of a head start to the HQ. So chances are you're gonna be on a timer once you approach the hill. He is not strictly speaking impossible to stop, but I imagine you are not expected to actually succeed in stopping him. You just gotta keep moving so you can engage the Executioner in time.
  11. I always want to buy a Double Pilum or two in chapter 15x. Seems like it should be good, but I can never really find an opportunity to use it. I mean, Troy got his own ranged pref spear now. The eagles still got the Doyenne, which is just a superior version of the Double Pilum. Urven now gets to use Berwick Saga-style lances, which already fill the role of allowing him to attack without getting countered, Bonacel and Prody are like whatever... Maybe Merida could still get some use out of it. But there are like a million things she wants to carry with her, given just how flexible she is.
  12. You now actually always get to face Ashram and Sujata in chapter 17 instead of only if you kill Beorn and Marlene. No murdering the entire family anymore, it seems. You can also now bribe Ashram to stay out of your way, instead of having to kill them. So this doesn't necessarily cause a time paradox for VS2. Beorn and Marlene also have the Deathless icon now, so I guess you now actually have to use Nina in order to get them to switch sides. Which is fair enough, I suppose. Aslanne's squad is now under so much pressure that she cannot really afford flying over there and kill them. Especially if she takes the Doyenne along. Still, it is part of a greater pattern of how this version of the game simply doesn't like it when events are skipped. For example it's no longer possible to skip Dune's events, because he is forced into the party in all relevant maps. This can definitely have quite the impact on party composition. Like in chapter 6, the entire Luca Village squad is now forced. This leaves you with only 3 out of 7 slots to freely fill.
  13. You only need to save again before progressing. The save slot doesn't matter. And from my understanding, if someone eats a dish, that dish will be removed from the random selection for future chapters until all the other dishes of the same rank have been eaten by someone. So if no one picks up that Roast Duck, it's gonna keep appearing in the menu and prevent better B-rank food from showing up. Only once each dish of a rank has been eaten by someone, will food of that rank become truly randomized going forward.
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