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WINgull plays Sapphire


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Sapphire was my first Pokemon game. I played it when I was about 7, back when I was clueless about Pokemon (such as thinking that Delcatty was amazing, and that evolving Pokemon was a foolish thing to do). I haven't played the game in years, but I found it a few days ago, and I've been dying to play it. So, for something different, I decided to post a log of my game.

I still remember quite a bit about Sapphire, so feel free to discuss the story all you want.

I don't have my team decided yet, so feel free to give me suggestions.

For fun, because I like laughing at my past in this game, against Gyms, I'll be posting what I did during my first playthrough (as in, my first time ever playing Pokemon), as well as what I'm doing now. I suck at commentary, so I figured you guys might want something to laugh at.

So, lets go.

Chapter 1: A New Land

I gotta wonder, what kind of parents does this kid have. His mom put him in the back of the truck with all their stuff. This should fall under abuse of some kind.

After meeting May, I go save her father. But why can't she. She left the house too. I pick Torchic as my starter, and name him "Uber" (Smogon voted Blaziken as 'uber' in Round 3 of testing).

I keep going forward to find May, falling down many ledges along the way. Uber reached Level 7 by the time I talked to May.

May Battle 1

Mudkip Lv. 5


Torchic Lv. 7

I go to select Focus Energy, but I pressed the control pad too many times, and Uber ends up Growling. I select Focus Energy, but it never actually helps, because I never landed a critical. Oh well. At least I beat her without needing a Potion.

More backtracking, and I end up back at Birch's lab, where I get the PokePedia. I mean, PokeDex. Now, we head off to Route 102. But first, we get the Running Shoes. Yay!!

On Route 102, I catch a Lotad. I don't know what to name it though. But then, next encounter, I get trolled by it, and a higher level Lotad pops up. Raising Lotad while it knows just Astonish is a pain, as it can't do anything against Zigzagoons and Poochyenas.

While training Lotad, I find a Shiny Ralts!!!!! I catch it, though I don't nickname it, because I don't have an idea. Shame it only knows Growl though.

I raise Lotad to Lv. 7, and it learns Absorb. Ralts is still at Lv. 4, so I need to Magikarp train it until it gets Confusion at Lv. 6.

In Petalburg, we get an annoying little kid telling us to go check out the gym. We meet dad there, but our time together is interupted by Wally, a kid with more allergies then there are letters in the alphabet. He wants a Pokemon, so he gets loaned a Zigzagoon. But I guess he doesn't want Zigzagoon, because he takes it out to Route 102, and finds a Ralts. At least his isn't Shiny :P.

After that wonderful adventure with Wally, we get told we have to go to Rustboro city. So, we'll head there next time.

My Team

Shiny Ralts Lv. 6



Nature: Rash

HP: 19

Attack: 8

Defense: 9

Sp. Attack: 11

Sp. Def: 8

Speed: 10

Dead weight from Lv. 4-6, so I hope it starts being good. It should help me at the Fighting gym though.

Uber (Torchic) Lv. 9



-Focus Energy

Nature: Adamant

HP: 27

Attack: 18

Defense: 13

Sp. Attack: 17

Sp. Defense: 14

Speed: 15

He's been a key member of the team since the beginning, being the sandbag that Ralts and Lotad turn to when they can't cause good damage. I don't think it minds though.

Lotad Lv. 7




Nature: Hasty

HP: 23

Attack: 10

Defense: 8

Sp. Attack: 11

Sp. Defense: 12

Speed: 9

With his recent Absorb, he's become very useful. Early on, when everyone loves to Growl, it can heal itself with Absorb. Its surely going to be useful against May's Marshtomp.

Time: 1:23

Game Saved.

(Everything up to Rustboro Gym should be posted sometime Today)

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While training Lotad, I find a Shiny Ralts!!!!!


If you're doing nicknames and that sort of stuff name it Reinfleche. I'd also like to see how Lotad does for you, I don't think I've ever used one.

Edited by Reinfleche
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WHAAAAAATIf you're doing nicknames and that sort of stuff name it Reinfleche. I'd also like to see how Lotad does for you, I don't think I've ever used one.

It could've been a Surskit, which is much rarer than Ralts.

Sounds like an interesting name, being the S rank Bow from FE7. Where's the name rater again?

I've used Lotad a lot, so I know what to expect.

A question, are you playing in VBA or in the console?


I vote that one of your Elite 4 team members is Absol.

I've never used an Absol before. Sounds like a good reason to use one.

Chapter 2: Rock Hard Roxanne

In Petalburg Woods, we run into Team Aqua for the first time. I actually got a little scared with his Poochyena, as it used Howl 5 times. Thankfully, Lotad managed to survive by Absorbing its health, so I never actually got attacked. Stupid AI, huh?

We get a Great Ball for defeating Team Aqua in the Woods. I think it could come in handy.

Ralts' Confusion is nothing short of amazing in the Woods, 2HKOing Wurmples, Zigagoons and Taillows. I love it.

We get Bullet Seed once we get out of the Woods. Its an alright move, though at 10BP, it isn't overly helpful. I'll teach it to Lotad though. Shame TMs are one use only here. :(

I encountered the first Double Battle here, against a Seedot and Lotad. Lotad's Bullet Seed manages to 2HKO (Or rather, 9HKO, if you want to be literal) the opposing Lotad, while Ralt's Confusion is a 2HKO on Seedot.

Behind the Flower Shop, you can find some good hidden items, like a Super Potion. Definately worth a trip over there.

The fisherman possesses three Magikarps. As usual, Magikarps are very easy to take out, and reward you with little EXP.

If you have a Slakoth, there is a girl in Rustboro City that will trade you a Makuhita for the Slakoth. Makuhita is a good help against the Gym, but you have things like Wingull, Seedot, Lotad, Treecko, Mudkip and Shroomish to help with the Gym. You'll also see Makuhita soon, in the third dungeon of the game (which is coming up fast). So, I'd pass on Makuhita for now.

You'll want to be around Lv. 14 to take on Roxanne. I'm not, so cue massive grinding session.

With that done, we take on Roxanne.

Roxanne Battle

Geodude Lv. 13

Nosepass Lv. 15


Torchic Lv. 14

Lotad Lv. 13

Ralts Lv. 13

It goes without saying that Lotad swept Geodude, with its 4x weakness to Absorb and Bullet Seed. After 3 seeds, Geodude was down for the count.

As for Nosepass, its a different story. Lotad fell to a Critical hit Rock throw. I couldn't bring Torchic out, leaving Ralts as my only solution to Nosepass. I spammed Double Team, while it kept missing. But Confusion doesn't do a whole lot. So I need to pray for a crit, or the confusion side effect. I got both, and Nosepass went down. But not after Roxanne used all of her Potions on it. UGH!!

The first time I beat this gym: It was mostly using Skitty's Sing, and then nailing Geodude and Nosepass with Lotad's Absorb, because I was afraid of Lotad getting hit. Lotad evolves after battling, and I boxed Lombre because I thought it was ugly.

Tips: There is a lot of stuff that trumps Rock early on, and it would be foolish not to have one. If you really want, you can train Torchic to level 16 so that it evolves and gets Double Kick, but that's a very tedious method. Your best off with Lotad/Seedot, Shroomish or Treecko/Mudkip, as Wingull is weak to Rock.

After the battle, my fainted Lotad evolved.

Next time, we'll take on the next Gym. Until then, I'll see you later.


Team Update

Lombre Lv. 14




-Bullet Seed

HP: 42

Attack: 21

Defense: 18

Sp. Attack: 22

Sp. Defense: 24

Speed: 22

It was amazing against the Gym, except for Nosepass. But it really needs to learn some stronger moves. But unfortunately, it looks like its not going to happen without TMs, because Lombre's Level Up moves are awful.

Uber (Torchic) Lv. 14



-Focus Energy


HP: 37

Attack: 26

Defense: 17

Sp. Attack: 25

Sp. Defense: 20

Speed: 22

Torchic is still amazing, with Ember being a clean 2HKO on anything that doesn't resist it. And just think, it only gets better.

Shiny Ralts Lv. 13



-Double Team

HP: 31

Attack: 12

Defense: 14

Sp. Attack: 17

Sp. Defense: 12

Speed: 16

I don't ever think I've had such a fast Ralts (it might be because of the nature). Confusion is ridiculous right now, and it will surely be of help against the Dewford gym. Go Mr. Blue Head!!!

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It could've been a Surskit, which is much rarer than Ralts.

Sounds like an interesting name, being the S rank Bow from FE7. Where's the name rater again?

I've used Lotad a lot, so I know what to expect.

True. But I've only gotten a single shiny ever (not counting Red Gyarados and the Odd Egg in GSC), so a shiny this early was really shocking.

It's misspelled :P Slateport City, Mr. Briney takes you there after you do everything in Dewford Town.

Edited by Reinfleche
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This Ralts is my first non-Gyarados shiny. So I'm pretty excited.

I was thinking he was in either Slateport or Mauville. Thanks for reminding me.

Next part of the game could be posted tomorrow, but most likely Tuesday.

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