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Weapon Icon Contest


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According to Lord Glenn:

B-rank Fire/Wind/Thunder(/Ice) tome, with the added stipulation that it can have the appearance of later tome designs as well.

[11:55:09 AM] Josh Thomas: So, it can look like, say, Rexcalibur, but it needs to still be a GBAFE icon in size and shading.

It doesn't necessarily need to look like... Bolting(FE6/7/8), for instance.

Make a B-rank Anima tome.


  • 16x16 box. I may or may not check this. Honor system.
  • FE colors.
  • It is the responsibility of the voters and the spriters to ask "does that look like the right weapon rank?"
  • Winner selects next challenge.
  • You must make a new icon, no using a pre-made one.

Deadline: April 11th

Lord Glenn: SFIconContestRd3.png

Camtech: 28ho1zm.jpg

Psych: wicontest3.png

Iavasechui: earthtome.png

Acey: 2zrexr9.png

Ghostclown: phoenix.pngphoenix2.png

Astra: fc6385b2aec08ad7c00b605711c73a97.png

13th: ThunderSpear.png?t=1302264562

Feaw: IconContest2IceTome.png

BlackShadow: Anima.png

Spiker: windstorm-1.png

Hithere: Entry.png

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I guess I'll start this off then:


Intended to be a B-rank Wind/Ice tome. Despite picking the challenge, I'm not really feeling the mojo this week (or at least right now). Plus, I likely won't have time to do an icon later, so I figured I'd knock this out now.

Edited by Lord Glenn
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I'm only good at tomes, and only anima tomes.

I was trying to attempt the creation of an Earth Tome, but I couldn't think of a good design, and the crappy one I did think of ended up really bad.

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Not really entering as this is not fire/wind/thunder, just thought I'd try to make an earth tome since Psychedelica mentioned it

Here is the result: earthtome.png

My first attempt at a tome XP I think I did better with it than my crappy blood sword last time XD.gif

Edit: XD though I wouldn't mind entering it if earth were allowed XD

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I've already made a lot anima tomes for my game (including water and earth), so it was kind of hard to come up with another new design.

I decided to make an ice tome. Don't really have an idea what the design's supposed to be, and I can't think of any good name, but here it is anyway; IconContest2IceTome.png

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I call it Thunderbolt

Its a B-Rank 2-3 range magic tome.


Rank B

Range 2-3

7 Wt

6 Mt

95 Hit

5 Crit

20 Uses

1 WEx

Worth 3750 Gold

Special: Never misses Wyverns

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Eh. Not too great, but whatever.

EDIT: 16X16 box.

Edited by Hawk King Tibarn
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