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Super Smash Bros Clash/3DS

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What characters should be added?  

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  1. 1. What characters should be added

    • Paper Mario(not clone)
    • Yarn Kirby(not clone)
    • Bowser Jr/Shadow Mario
    • King K Rool
    • Ridley
    • Zoroark
    • Wolf Link
    • Hector(FE)
    • Samarai Goroh
    • Isaac

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This topic is for facts, opinions, and ideas for the next ssb game, whether it be on the Wii 2 or 3ds. First, I think nintendo needs to add more characters, and keep most of the old. Here is my character list. ( I despise 3rd party character ideas for ssb, and will not include them. Sonic is my exception )

* indicates unlockable






-Bowser Jr*

-Paper Mario*


Donkey Kong

-Donkey Kong

-Diddy Kong

-Kink K Rool*





-Meta Knight

-King Dedede

-Yarn Kirby*

Star Fox




Legend of Zelda




-Toon Link*

-Wolf Link*





-Captain Falcon

-Samari Gotoh*

Fire Emblem






-Pokemon Trainer










-Ice Climbers

-Mr. Game and Watch*





Also, I think they need alternate movesets for all characters as an unlockable to spice up the game. Downloadable characters should be available, and Duel Smashes. Duel Smashes are an idea of mine to use two characters moves to create an all out attack. This would vary with characters, and the characters must be on the same team. This is my first topic, so be nice about corrections please. I will also try update this topic regularly.

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I think it's unlikely that most of those characters get added. Paper Mario, Wolf Link, and Yarn Kirby are just variations on a preexisting character and are'nt good ideas IMO.

Bowser Junior/Shadow Mario sounds interesting, but it's a concept from an older game, so it's also not likely. Hector and Samuri Gotoh are also from older games too.

Isaac seems possible, but he's already an Assist Trophy. With the release of Dark Dawn

And we all know it's getting a sequel because of the massive cliffhanger ending and "...The End?" written at the end of the epilogue

Matthew seems more likely.

Ridley also seems unlikely because of being a boss in SSBB.

Sonic already has one third party so Tails and Knickles are extremely unlikely.

Don't know anything about Zoroark. Is it a legendary? If so it probably isn't going be on the roster.

This seems more like a wish list than a likely to be in the next game list to me.

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I only added zoroark to replace lucario, i know nnothing of golden sun or f zero. Fans demand ridley, and because of al ack of significant fe characyers, hector seemed like a good option. Also, there are plenty of character variations: toon link, dr mario, zero suit samus, young link, and clones are common as well. I honestly don't know about half the characters.

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Dr Mario got removed, and Zero Suit Samus might as well be the same character. It's not lke you can play as just one or the other without getting a final smash. Young Link got replaced by Toon Link, and that's mainly because of the lack of LoZ characters.

FE isn't incredibly popular worldwide, so it's likely to stay as Marth and Ike, since FE12 is a remake and not a new release.

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I'm not going to comment on most of the list since this is the kind of dull generic topic that should really stick to GFAQS (no offence, it just... is). But Paper Mario would absolutely not be a clone. Hammer, Pixls, flipping, Paper Aeroplane and other ideas are all things you see in the Paper Mario games that could be easily implemented into a PM character.

Of course, one can say the same thing about Ganondorf...

I also suspect you've got a few too many characters in there and a number of highly unlikely choices (I'd say around 40-42 should be what we should expect). Bowser Jr. is a minor character nowadays, Yarn Kirby I've never heard of, you've got two too many Sonic characters in there and Snake's gone... why? Just my thoughts.

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Bleh, non-public polls. And you're crazy, Ridley is too big.

Anyway, I selected Zoroark, Hector, Isaac and Bowser Junior. Zoroark seems likely, if there is a fourth Smash Brothers game, Hector... Ehhh, personally, I think Micaiah would be more likely than him, but eh. I just picked Isaac to look cool. And Bowser Junior because he's Bowser Junior.

Oh, Darros, Zoroark isn't a legendary.

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