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FE3 Book 1 Challenge


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I've been wanting to do this for a while now.

Anyways, seeing how I still have my very first Fire Emblem file on me (FE3 Book 1), and I still think it's impossible for me to defeat the game with it, I thought it might be fun to have the more expert FE players try to continue on from my very first file and try to defeat the game from it. Just check the attachment for the save file, play through file 3 according to the below rules, and post your file submission in an attachment in this thread.


1. Do NOT change file 1 or file 2 in any way.

2. Starting from book 1 chapter 17, you must do any of the following from rule 3.

3. You can do any one of the following (or multiple and just post multiple saves of it):

-have save file 3 played to chapter 20 with a good strong team (that either has the Falchion or someone who can defeat Medeus without the Falchion)

-have a suspend save in chapter 17 with the town intact and star orb boss abuse can easily be performed (so the boss used up his weapon)

-have a suspend save where Marth/someone strong enough can defeat Medeus on the current turn (and get file 3 to Book 1 Chapter 20)

4. You can do whatever is necessary on file 3 to achieve any of the goals. Early promotion, stat boosters, save state stat abuse (I highly encourage this), game genie cheats (wait, maybe not, but I suppose if you are going to use them, tell me in this thread), sacrificing characters (though I'm begging you, do not sacrifice Hardin, Oguma, Sheeda, Samson, Jeigan, or anyone else who's highly levelled or got good stats).

5. The characters you use do not matter. Especially the ones past and including Linda on the list. I didn't really know which characters would be good to use at the point I was stuck at, so if you think using others characters would be better instead, by all means do so. Though keep in mind that I ideally want really good units in the save file that you guys will be posting in this thread. But I'm grateful enough if you can actually make it to chapter 20 with a team that can actually defeat Medeus.

The list in rule 3 is posted in order of preference of files I prefer posted here (from strongest preference to lowest preference).

It's the 3rd file (bottom) when you load up the actual game. Keep in mind that this was my very first time playing a Fire Emblem game, so I made an insane amount of mistakes (overusing Jeigan, letting characters die thinking getting them back would be insanely easily, not knowing how to recruit any characters until the chapter you get Linda and George).

Here's all my (surviving) characters' levels and stats:

Marth       	20  32  14  16  15  20  11  13  00  
Barts       	15  32  13  12  13  13  09  11  00
Hardin    	17  31  12  13  14  06  17  11  01
Jeigan      	16  30  08  10  09  01  10  09  07
Oguma     	13  28  10  17  20  10  17  06  00
Rena      	17  18  04  16  09  18  13  05  05
Sheeda      	10  21  07  12  20  15  15  07  07
George    	10  27  07  11  12  06  13  09  03
Thomas    	10  21  07  07  05  04  10  07  00
Samson    	08  28  11  14  18  11  15  10  03
Astria    	03  26  09  16  14  05  11  08  03
Linda     	01  18  01  04  07  07  07  02  04
Lawrence  	05  34  11  03  06  02  15  19  03
Chainy    	01  18  02  02  08  09  02  04  10
Boa       	01  22  04  07  10  04  12  05  06
Julian    	04  17  05  07  12  08  02  04  00
Zagaro    	04  22  07  07  06  02  04  06  00
Saji      	05  22  08  06  07  03  05  05  00
Caesar    	03  20  05  08  12  06  06  07  00
Tomth     	04  21  08  06  05  03  07  13  00
Midia     	01  20  07  11  09  07  10  09  06
Raddy     	01  18  04  08  10  01  06  06  00
Birak     	01  20  05  03  06  02  04  07  00
Mishelan  	03  20  08  05  03  04  05  12  00

Anyone not listed here was killed in action, killed because I didn't know they were recruitable, still waiting in the village I'm supposed to recruit them in, or still locked up in the Chapter 5 Dungeon.

And Noteworthy Items Are As Follows:

Knight's Crest x 2

Hero's Proof x 2

Bishop Ring x 1

Dragon Whip x 1

Orion's Bolt x 2

Star Orb

Light Orb

Earth Orb (3 Uses)

Power Ring x 1

Secret Book x 1

Speedring x 1

Angel Robe x 1

Goddess Statue x 2

Manual x 1

24280 Gold

...yeah, no Member's Card or Silver Card.

And yeah, I know my file 1 is really cheap (you'll see what I mean when you check it), but I did it to compensate for how badly I did on my first file where I messed up my team so badly. Also, I did not hack or use any codes whatsoever, so it's still technically legit.

If you are going to attempt this challenge, let me know in this thread so I know what's the participation level. Feel free to comment on my save files as well (even if you aren't doing the challenge), but please go easy on the critiquing of the files and be nice about it. I'm okay with things like "you fell for the Jeigan trap pretty badly", "you made the right decision to not continue in that file", or "you did quite a bit worse than the average player starting off the Fire Emblem series" but don't post stuff like "Wow, you shouldn't even be playing Fire Emblem", "Your team is absolutely pathetic", or other heavily derogatory comments that don't even have any constructive feedback whatsoever.

FE3 Book 1 Save.zip

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Challenge accepted! Looking through who I've got to work with, there's Oguma and Rena. I'm going to have some fun with some others I've never even used before!

EDIT: Chapter 17 done, Hardin + Orbs + Gradvius = instant death. Michaelis was a pain, I had to chip him down,

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Glad to see one person participating in this.

Good to hear that you defeated chapter 17. Out of curiousity, did you keep the Star Orb and Light Orb or get Starlight? I'm okay with either, though if it's the latter, I'm curious as to how you'll defeat Medeus.

Also, you didn't have to use the team I have currently on there. I just thought it would be the best one to use given what I got. You're more than welcome to use the other (surviving) characters I have if you feel they'll get you through the game easier. I guess I should mention that as rule 5.

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He killed pretty much everyone good, overused Jeigan and hasn't raised many of the surviving characters ^^. I suppose for a blind first attempt, it's not a bad try. I actually got Starlight, this should be fun.

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You still have several units that will pull you through, especially since Book 1 enemies aren't very good: Marth, Samson, Astoria, Sheeda, Hardin, Rena, and Barts. Midia and Boa can act as extras.

It'll be harder than it should be, but shouldn't be impossible.

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Completed it. Chapter 19 required a lot of savestate abuse, but otherwise it was manageable. I got the final chapter done in 3 turns, yay warping!

Lorenz and Julian were sacrificed, Abel came back to life though! Here's your save back.

http://img10.imagesh...nshounonazo.png was my final team. I managed to double Midia's strength. Thomas was also hilariously powerful by the end.

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Wow, I didn't expect the challenge to be completed this soon. Thanks, this means a lot to me.:D:

Even though Dokutayuu beat it first, everyone is still more than welcome to try this challenge out.

So how exactly did you get Thomas levelled up so much? The only way I think it could be possible with my file is chapter 17 boss and star orb abuse. Also, I'm really suprised (yet happy) that you got Starlight instead of keeping the Star and Light Orb for their bonuses. Based on how weak my team was for that point in the game, I thought keeping the Star and Light Orbs would be the only way to get my team to catch up.

What in the world did you do to make Book 1 impossible?

Dokutayuu explained it really well. Also, seeing how this was my very first time playing a Fire Emblem game (and a difficult SRPG), I made a lot of mistakes and didn't know a lot of things until it was too late, like recruitable enemies (like Navarre and Kashim), visiting villages (missed out on Merric and 10000 gold in chapter 1), and permanent death. The only other SRPG I played before then was Bahamut Lagoon, which is insanely easy compared to Fire Emblem (you literally cannot get game over since you just start back at your base when you die, units are in teams of four instead of teams of one, you can do an infinite amount of sidequest to level up and gain items and gold, and weapons have infnite uses).

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Yeah, this honestly doesn't look that difficult. You have a handful of good units and some promotion items and stat boosters on top of that. Enemies look pretty terrible too. I'm sure there are far more efficient ways to do this than whatever Dokutayuu did, which sounds like quite a bit of turtling outside of the final chapter.

Anyway, this is what I would do immediately:

- Knight Crest on Hardin

- Hero Crest on Ogma

- Bishop Ring on Lena

- Dragon Whip on Caeda

- Orion's Bolt on Tomas

Most of these are no-brainers: promote what you can for the extra movement and str bonuses. Tomas gets +5 spd upon promotion and it seems like 10 spd can double a lot. It's not like you'll use the Orion's Bolt elsewhere.

- Speedwings on Jagen

- Energy Ring on Caeda or Jagen

Holy crap, the stat boosters are powerful. You don't need too much spd to double most enemies in this game, but I think Jagen is borderline as is and he seems like a decent unit. The other possible candidates either have less movement or don't need the help.

On top of that, you have Jeorge, Astram, and Samson to fall back on, plus Xane to copy Hardin or Caeda or whatnot. That's 10 usable units plus Marth.

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I actually played the levels normally, no boss-abuse at all. Turn counts were 16, 11, 10 and 3. Marth took forever getting to the village, he would have been murdered by dragons if I warped him there. Partia grants double XP so one dragon down meant 90XP. Hardin actually held onto the Orbs until Marth got to the village. I wish you'd given the Boots to Marth instead of Thomas, although having a super mobile archer was hilarious.

Dondon's got what I did with the promotion items dead on. Although Thomas got the Speedwings and Midia got most of the other stuff (I wonder how much she needed to become usable). The final chapter had to be done by warping, the enemies were murdering everyone. I didn't bother with any of your weaker units, they really didn't have enough time or staying power to level up.

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Actually, since he had at least 3 uses of Warp and 4 uses of Hammerne left, I meant that he could warpskip all of the chapters with just Lena, Boah, and Xane. (Actually it'd be slightly more difficult than that, but whatever.)

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Actually, since he had at least 3 uses of Warp and 4 uses of Hammerne left, I meant that he could warpskip all of the chapters with just Lena, Boah, and Xane. (Actually it'd be slightly more difficult than that, but whatever.)

That's also a viable option. The only reason I warpskipped the last chapter was that everyone kept dying. I ditched Jeigan, his durability was pretty bad. He was only a filler so I could get my warpers in the safe room.

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