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General Tips about FE12

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Wrys.gifSince alot of people are deciding to import FE12 after E3's failure to launch, I

figured that there should be a topic for people who are about to get the


Now, I don't have it yet, but I'll start posting some

general first-timer ruminations when I get it. But anyone should feel free

to post their tips.

Easy to miss Secrets?

Characters with great

potential? (Or...uh...no potential)

General strategy?

Post it in here, and do a service to FE12 newbies everywhere. May the Wrys.gif be with you.

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Easy to miss Secrets?


Putting these in spoiler tags just in case.

Also I'm not sure how "easy to miss" they are, but you want to get *all* of the starsphere shards (there's 12 total) to get the real ending, as well as visit the only village in Ch. 18 (there are no bandits/thieves to destroy it so it's just a matter of not missing it).

Recruiting Sedgar/Wolf/Vyland can be a bit tricky if you don't know what to do. You need to recruit Roshea from the only village in the same chapter, have him talk to Vyland (who shows up as an enemy from behind on Turn 5 or so), who in turn needs to talk to Sedgar, who in turn needs to talk to Wolf, all in the same chapter.

Characters with great

potential? (Or...uh...no potential)

My Unit (totally broken)


Paola (her growths aren't that stellar but are good enough considering her bases)


Jake and Est's growths are also insane but they are a bit less usable on the harder difficulties due to their less than awesome bases compared to enemies at their join time.

General strategy?

Normal Mode is ridiculously easy (I had little trouble just turning my whole team to flyers and charging the boss), so you should have little trouble with it.

On harder modes the four units I mentioned above are nearly required, and Caeda is also quite good along with one out of Luke/Rody (it's too difficult to use both). Support/utility units such as Feena and a couple staff/Excalibur bots are also nice.

Edit: The Pirate class is also much better now, since it gives a rather large Speed growth boost on top of its still hefty HP and Str boosts.

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My Unit is best in one of the melee classes. Mage and Archer are pretty bad as initial choices. Fighter is good on higher difficulties because of the lack of good axe using units, but most anything else will work on lower difficulties. Armor knight completely trivializes lower difficulties if you feel like turtling.

Palla is really good, but you need to stick her in classes with high base spd growth like draco, SM, or sniper, and she might want a Speedwings down the road.

Cecile is perfectly usable, like Luke and Rody. She's probably a bit worse comparatively on easier difficulties because her durability is a lot worse, but I'd argue that she trumps both of them in some respects on higher difficulties because she has better spd growth as a cavalier and access to Lady Swords.

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You have a metric fuckton of resources in this game, especially if you unlock the in-base shop's stat boosters. You would be surprised how well those boosters can help make some units go from meh to quite well usable. I'm enjoying a Wing on Castor, personally. Not that big a deal, considering I got lol9 wings to burn throughout the game.

Weapons fall into your lap in this game. At worst, you might have to buy some extra ranged weapons to keep afloat in the ranged game.

If you're playing on Lunatic, a tip I like to live by is "If they aren't gonna be with you for chapter 1, give them as little EXP as humanly possible". Some would say Shiida's fair, but I don't think it would effect her performance at all, since her ob is basically beasting things with Wing Spear. Only exceptions I would maybe think of giving would be to Ogma and Cain if you plan on using them.

EDIT: I second Cecile use as well, and I'm enjoying the fruits of a triple support for Rody. Hello coinflips on Soulful Bridge at 3HKOd...

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Wow. There's a lot of stat boosters in that desert...

It's what we should expect from the original desert chapter :P

And yeah, Chris is pretty powerful. But... I mean, it's not like the player-designed character would be made weak, now.

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Stuff I've Noticed On My Own (SINOMO):

If you dawdle long enough on Chapter 9, Astram shows up with a group of heroes.

Don't place squishy units to the right of your starting point in 13x, as Kleine is deceptively close.

Abel is openly hostile towards any of your units aside from Est.

Flying Dragons spawn from the bridge forts in Chapter 12, while normal units come from those in the bottom right.

Tiki can be recruited with Marth this time, driving poor Bantu into complete worthlessness.

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The Geosphere is on a random theif in Chapter 16. Sure would suck if you got to chapter 20 then realized you forgot you found it, right?



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