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Well, hello everyone, Mysterio, reporting in to Serenes! I have been lurking for a while and finally decided to spring and make an account. I joined in order to take part in some of the cool forum challenges (I've never done a draft or a playlog, and they seem to crop up pretty frequently). As for my history with Fire Emblem, I am no expert, but I have played all the US releases at all difficulties, save for FE7 HHM, which I plan on starting soon, and FE:SD, which I have been discouraged from playing. FE7 is without doubt my favorite FE, followed pretty closely by RD, then PoR, then FE8. The difficulty of the game adds to my enjoyment, I find, and FE8 is just too easy. PoR is pretty easy as well, but RD and FE7 offer challenges each time I play them. Some more FE stats:

Favorite Support: Eliwood x Ninian (The story makes this one sad...)

Favorite Units (no particular order): Hector, Matthew, Florina, Erk, Heath, Ephraim, Gerik, Cormag, Soren, Zihark, Jill

Favorite Class: Wyvern Rider - strong, fast, flying, and a solid set of units in the US releases. From what I've heard of FE6, that stays true over there.

Favorite Chapter: 3-13 (RD) - I liked the hold the line concept, I wish more were like that rather than defend (though it is a little bit less FE-esque, so maybe keeping it rare was a good idea)

My Affinity: Ice, trending on Anima (FE7 tactician places me as Ice but Anima with blood type)

... and that's all for now! I hope I can be a contributing member of these forums!

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Uh. . .hi. I tend to be a bit fanatical about SD because it's my favorite game to draft in.

I hear you're crazy awesome at FE11 drafts.

FE7, huh? It's a good one. I haven't played it all too much, though.

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I don't see anything bad in FE11, go get it! An awesome game with high difficulty if you seek one, interesting gameplay, and Wi-Fi. I'm free to challenges any time, lol.

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Go join a draft, they're awesome, and they're different every time in FE11, so DO IT.

Especially the reclass ones. They're pretty hirlarious.

Also, welcome and such. Wyverns are awesome, but for some reason, Vaida is my favourite. Must be the bases.

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Nice to here from all of you, so many recommendations for FE:SD are somewhat surprising, I'll see if I feel up to springing for it (I do not emulate anything and never will). Seems drafting is recommended, so I will be sure to sign up fro one soon!

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Dear Guy in the Closet,

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Call me Waha Kitty. I know I said this already, but people still seem to call me by my screen name. Only people on my list can call me Knitty. My list is in the "about me" section of my profile. You can still apply to be on the list, but remember to call me Waha Kitty.

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Waha Kitty

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- Reclass

- Some powerful things show up pretty early

- The characters have *just* enough personality for me to write about them (I have three such playlogs in the SD section. . .have fun finding and reading them~!)

- The thieves can be used in combat!

- The RNG in this game is hilarious

- Due to all of the above, drafting is really fun

- Did I mention that reclassing means you can have fun messing with growths? For example, Merric makes a hilarious Cavalier (really).

- Skippable tutorials

- The various levels of hard, which I think are pretty well-done

That's part of the reason why SD is my current favorite. Can't wait for New Mystery, where people get more personalities~!

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Too bad that New Mystery is probably never released outside of Japan officially, now with all that FE13 hype - and it's going on even in the West.

I'd love NM to get a release here - improves in all the fields that SD was poor in or criticized of (imo nothing of that bs is true, but majority disagrees) but I may have to end up buying the Japanese version (I want to own it physically, so I say no to the fanlation emo13.gif ).

At any rate, SD was a fine game with lots of interesting aspects. It's draftable well and has a very nice online mode, although it's just a side bonus. I still like the online games a LOT. It had lots of interesting aspects - I know I said that already, but it's true. Also, you have to love the difficulty you can get if you want to.

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