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Fire Emblem: Chronicles of Aedos


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Okay, so I came up with an idea to create a rom hack, and I've read Arch's Tutorial, I know how to edit palettes, and use Nightmare & the Feditor along with inserting maps. I just need some help. If anyone would like to contribute, then I would appreciate it a lot.

So far, I don't have much progress to show as far as actual hacking, but I do have lots of ideas and progress for the story, plot and characters. The plot is as follows and be prepared for heavy mistakes. Give me a break, I'm not a writer. The continent of Aedos is now wrought with war. The most powerful country, Krios (Equivalent of Bern), has taken over and is slowly enslaving each continent. But amongst the many people, there's one person ready to strike back and rebel:Prince Slain of Fendern. (In-game, he's a mercenary type) He, along with the surviving knights of his kingdom, and the recruits he could find, start a rebellion to end the war.

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Actually, I did have something to show, but my rom was messed up and I can't access the game anymore. The thing is, I don't know how to use Nightmare, the Event Assembler, and Advanced Palette Editor without the ROM screwing up and glitching. I only have the main idea and (the early) story ready. I'll post that soon, but I just need to work out a few details.

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so you don't have anything to show?

i'd recommend atleast learning nightmare before you attempt to show off what you have done.

i can really only do the basic's of hacking but i'm close to releasing an demo for my planned hack to show what i've got and to get help.

Just need to learn how to edit text

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