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My Embrionic FE8 Hack/Hack Ideas


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I faced the same problem before.

Go into the "Class Editor" and change Eirika's class to use light and not swords. The go to "Custom Battle Animation Editor" and use the drop bars to make an animation so when Light magic is used it will play your animation. It gets a little confusing here, when you have the full animation saved, you need to copy the animation pointer, and go into the text file "Battle Animations" in the folder where the class editor is and replace Eirka's pointer with that one.

That should make your animation work.

Thanks! It's actually going into battle now, but when it starts it just shows ephraim unarmed... and of course nothing happens and it stays there... Which is weird consirdering I replaced eirika's animation with mine, not ephraim's. I'm pretty sure they're all directed for eirika and not unarmed ephraim, but I'll play around with it a little more. This is definately a step foward though!

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