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Favorite Faction From a Real Time Strategy Game?

Fei Mao

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Just curious on the people's favorite faction or factions and how many people here play real time strategy games. I'd prefer if you to post in this format:


Game/Game Series:

Background: (A link or short summary will do)

Reasons: (Anything you like to write about feel free to add images)

Faction's Themes: (If possible)

Anyways for me:

Name: Imperial Guards

Game/Game Series:Warhammer40k Series from the PC games Dawn of War Winter Assault, Dawn of War 2 Retribution


(A shorter summary):They're just regular humans equipped with flak jackets and a weak massed produced weapon called the lasgun in the year 40k, they're expected to hold the line threats of humanity ranging from technologically advance aliens (or xenos), orks (green skinned barbaric aliens capable of ripping a human apart), and the demonic forces of chaos. They're are lead by leaders on the battlefield for example the commissar who leads from the front and executes people deemed of cowardice or incompetence in order to motivate them to fight and hold the line.

Reasons: As stated above they're just regular humans fighting the threats of humanity along with a leader who lead and inspire the men and to me it's the symbol of human will and perseverance and that makes me really like the faction, besides that their vehicles are pretty damn amazing.



Guardsmen led by sergeants and commissars with the commissar lord in front. Right of them is their transport vehicle the Chimera, and the tank in the back is the Baneblade their ultimate unit.

Faction's Themes:

Theme from Dawn of War Winter Assault

Themes from Dawn of War 2 Retribution

Theme 1

Theme 2

Theme 3

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Commissar Lord? Really? Real men use MOUSTACHE.


Anyway, this is a tough one but I'm giving the medal to

Name: Wehrmacht

Game: Company of Heroes

Background: What, they're WW2 Germans. You probably know the entire background. Distinctly removed from the Party, for obvious reasons.

Reasons: The voices. Oh, God, the voices. All of their tanks had absolutely delicious rolling lines. Well, actually, every unit in Company of Heroes did (agaaaa shermans) but the Wehrmacht were top-notch. Besides that, German steeeeeeel.

Faction's Themes: haha music

Close picks included the Imperial Guard (Kasrkin were pure :wub:), the Scrin from Command and Conquer 3 (the carrier ships), and the Halflings from Master of Magic (dos bitches, also slingers. yes this is a tbs but who cares).

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Name: UEF

Game/Game Series: Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance

Background: SupCom doesn't bother much with plot. Basically it's one of three human factions which have been at war with each other for 1000 years or so.

Reasons: Though the title of best faction for turtle can go to the Aeon and Seraphim as well, they are the only faction to allow me to build a T3 point defense (most powerful stationary base defense by a long shot and it also outranges most/all mobile artillery), shield domes with HUGE area coverage and of course shield ships and battlecruisers to protect my naval factories and fleets. Also there's what we call the Fatboy. Which is an ENORMOUS TANK with FIREPOWER THAT'S GREATER THAN A BATTLESHIP

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Name: Space Marines

Game/Game Series: Warhammer 40k Dawn of War

Background: Servants of the GOD EMPEROR like any other people obsessed with him. There are many chapters or groups of space marines but my favorite are the Blood Ravens.

Reasons: They are awesome people in power armor and one of my favorites after playing Dawn of War I found them completely awesome.


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Name: Murlocs

Game Series: Warcraft


Murloc history is largely unknown since most of their lore consists of their own oral tradition, which itself seems to be rote repetitions of unpronounceable forefathers. Murlocs speak Nerglish, a language shared by the makrura. There are recorded instances of murlocs capable of more structured speech, as evidenced by the conversations held by the Murloc Sorcerer and Thrall during the Horde's stopover in the Broken Isles. Nonetheless, most of the currently accepted knowledge of murlocs comes from outside observation.

Much of what is known about Murlocs is readily observable by any traveler. As noted earlier, murlocs tend to congregate on shorelines in densely-populated camps and villages. They have been known, in certain cases, to worship enigmatic sea-deities (including naga). Most importantly, the majority of murloc tribes seem to harbor very little tolerance for most other sentient races.

Though known to the night elves on Kalimdor for some time, the murlocs are relatively new to the eastern continents of Lordaeron and Azeroth. It is purported that murlocs are actually a very ancient race of the world, at least as old as the first Naga, since the serpentine creatures are known to have enslaved a group of deep sea-dwelling murlocs known as the mur'gul.

In recent times, the murlocs became unwittingly responsible for the shape of the present-day Horde. Murloc attacks on the trollish Darkspear tribe spurred the orcish warchief Thrall (at the time waylaid on the Darkspear Islands) and his warriors to drive off the marauding fish-men and then to form an alliance between the Darkspear and the Horde which lasts to this day. This troll-orc alliance would form the heart of the modern day Horde, which the tauren, Forsaken, and blood elves would later join.


Murlocs are pack fighters, preferring to swarm opposing forces with overwhelming numbers. When pressed, the pack breaks and murlocs run back to the safety of water, often leaving their allies behind. Some warriors view murloc tactics as cowardly. More experienced warriors know better. Those who pursue the murlocs to the water are crushed without mercy. Despite their monstrous appearances and weak bodies, murlocs are cunning foes with sharp senses and sharper reflexes. Naturally, murlocs are incredible warriors underwater. All too often, when a murloc group retreats to water, it's to draw enemy forces into the numerous hidden murlocs waiting claws. Underwater, murlocs use their aquatic skills and numbers to decimate enemy forces.

When engaging in battle underwater, murlocs attack from all directions, using their numbers and amphibious bodies well. Like a swarm of piranhas, murlocs dart out of the swarm and attack quickly, then retreat back into the safety of the swarm. Even trivial wounds are considered great hits, as the more the swarm attacks, the weaker the enemy becomes. Furthermore, the swarm does not allow the victim to escape. The strongest combatants can die of drowning or blood loss when engaging in underwater combat with a murloc army.

On land, murlocs are not nearly as dangerous. Despite their agility, most murlocs are slow and clumsy on land, ill-equipped for the rigors of dry worlds. Murloc forces rarely move far inland (except to find large bodies of water), preferring to stay near the safety of water. When forced to battle on land, murlocs employ similar hit and run tactics, attempting to weaken the foe before going for the kill.

Theme: I won't post a link to I am a Murloc.

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