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Esme Plays Pokemon Fire Red Omega!


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Because wynaut? FROmega is super fun and I enjoy playing it, so why not share the fun with you guys? Now, without further ado... Let's begin!

~ Introduction

"Hello! My name is Professor I study Pokem--" Yeah, yeah, I know. *mashes the A button*

"Are you a boy or a girl?" In my opinion, FR/LG's female protagonist is the coolest-looking one of them all (Right next to White from B/W.), so I think I'll play as her despite being a male myself. That's totally not creepy, right?

"What is your name?" Oh, it's Will-- I mean... uh... Esme.

"This is my grandson. Uh... I forgot his name... what was it again...?" LOLDICKS! But no seriously, I'll call him... Ashlee.

"That's right, I remember now!" Good! :I

"Esme, your very own Pokemon adventure is about to unfold..." I dunno why but I like this part. :>

"SO GET TO MY LAB YOU LAZY BUM." Okay, okay! Jeez... :<

~ Pallet Town

Aw, I like this place. It's chocked full of fuzzy-wuzzy nostalgia that can make the coldest of men weep with happiness. Ah... let's go outside for a walk. Gah! Who's this? It's the professor! Apparently, little children cannot go out of the town 'till they've got their own Pokemon. Oh no! D: But that's O.K.! 'Cause the professor's got a Pokemon waiting for me in his lab! Let's go there.

Well, whaddaya know? Ashlee's here dickin' up the place like he usually does-- blegh! But I don't care about him right now because I'm gonna get my precious starter! (If you guys haven't already played or heard of Pokemon Fire Red Omega, it's basically an edit of the game Fire Red that is just like Pokemon Volt White / Blaze Black, which means trainers, gym leaders, the Elite Four, and Pokemon themselves have been edited-- even the first three starters you pick are no longer Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle! Instead they are Smoochum, Elekid, and Magby. Don't worry, though, the original starters can be caught in the wild if I recall correctly.)

So, I've got three little guys to choose from: The energetic plug-in Elekid, the shy fire-breather Magby, and the clean, kissably cute Smoochum. And, rightfully, I get to go first so... I think I'll go with the Smoochum, whom I shall call 'Cassiopeia'. And of course, Ashlee goes with Magby. What a jerk! >:U

Aw, man! Right after I begin to leave he challenges me to a battle! Shoot... well, I guess it won't hurt to try and kick his butt! Hopefully Smoochum'll be able to survive Magby's attacks! (She has paper-thin defense, you know.)

Anyway, after many scratches, pounds, and growls the winner was finally decided... it was Ashlee and his Magby. Unfortunately, Smoochum couldn't take the barrage of scratches due to her fragility... But alas, one little loss is not the end of everything!

~ Route 1

Yay, Route 1! The first step of my grand adventure through Kanto! But before I go into the the grass, I'm gonna take a quick look at my Smoochum's stats.

(Smoochum / Female / Lvl. 5 / Timid Ntr / Atk: 8, Def: 8, Sp. Atk: 14, Sp. Def: 13, Spd: 13 / Ability: Oblivous)

Those are some pretty neat stats-- and that Timid nature! How nice! But... Oblivious is not a good ability. I hope it changes once she evolves into the glorious battle-maiden Jynx! Anywho, let's move on. Huh, I didn't realize how hard it was to train Smoochum. I'm glad she gets Powder Snow at level 6 because Pound is just AWFUL.

blah blah blah wild pokemon battles you don't care about blah blah blah level 6 blah blah BLAH now leaving the route BLAH BLAH

Oh, by the way I want to thank the lone clerk for giving me that sample Potion. It was some good stuff!

(To be continued...)

Edited by Esme
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~ Viridian City

Well, I can't really do much here on my first visit other than get that Parcel for Professor Oak. So! Back to Pallet Town!

~ Pallet Town (Pt. 2)

After a few wild battles in Route 1 I finally make it back to good ol' Pallet Town. Right as I get into Oak's lab, Ashlee comes right back. What does he want? Well... it turns out that Oak requested that we both fill up the Pokedex. That's quite the request if I do say so myself! But I'm confident that I can fulfill Oak's dream in his stead. Oh, and I also got some Pokeballs! Thanks for the swag, Oak~

And then, Ashlee-- being the dick he is --decides to brag about his Town Map and tell me that he has a spare that he won't give. Ugh! Jerkwad! However, he foolishly tells me that his sister has it. Now, I know that's she's way nicer than he is so I'll go ahead and ask her for the spare Town Map.

And what do you know? She gives to me. How sweet of her ~<3

Now, let's head back to Viridian City.

~ Viridian City (Pt. 2)

(I hate not having the Running Shoes yet. :<)

Once again, I'm back in Viridian. First things first, I must get some supplies! *+5 Potions / +3 Antidotes / +3 Paralyze Heals* Yay! Oh, and before I move on, I must GRIND! (In FROmega, there's a special patch of grass in Viridian City that has a handful of neat Pokemon in it. That's where I'm going to be grinding.)

After a bit of thought, I decided to catch a new 'mon for my team. Say "Hello!" to Virga the Swablu!

(Swablu / Female / Lvl. 5 / Bold Ntr / Atk: 8, Def: 12, Sp. Atk: 9, Sp. Def: 13, Spd: 11 / Ability: Natural Cure)

I'm liking her bulk, though her attacking stats could use a bit of a boost... Oh, well, she gets Dragon Dance when she evolves so it's no biggie. Plus, with Peck she has a nice type advantage over the bugs that're crawling and squirming all over the Viridian Forest.

~ Viridian Forest

Alright, so after healing at the Pokemon Center and getting the Old Rod from a handsome fisherman, I entered into the Viridian Forest. Time to take out those pesky Bug Catchers with my little cloud-bird-dragon Virga!

...And she does so successfully.

Let's have a quick overview of my team:

(Smoochum / Lvl. 10 / Atk: 12, Def: 12, Sp. Atk: 24, Sp. Def: 21, Spd: 22)

(Swablue / Lvl. 11 / Atk: 13, Def: 19, Sp. Atk: 13, Sp. Def: 23, Spd: 19)

We're doing great so far!

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~ Pewter City

Yay! We're here! I quickly set out to buy a few things at the mart when suddenly I run into a mysterious woman! She kindly hands me an egg that I really didn't want, but she insisted that I take it, so I did. I wonder what's inside the egg...

Oh, well! No matter! I have better things to think about anyway, like defeating Brock n' stuff. Time for... GRINDING!!1!!





.......... ... ... .....


Cassiopeia and Virga are both level 13 now! Unfortunately, they're still no match for Brock's team of six-- who also happen to be level 12! I can take out his burly Geodude, rugged Onix, and manly Rhyhorn very easily, but his slippery Omanyte, sneaky Kabuto, and mischievous Vulpix give me a very hard time. They couldn't stop me forever, though! After a few extra tries I finally take out Brock with a well thought-out plan! (it was actually luck but you're not supposed to know that)

Brock tearfully hands me the Boulder Badge and a Rock Tomb TM, accepting his loss. Fuck. Yes. Babycakes.

Now let's continue our ~*~*~*ADVENTURE*~*~*~!

~ Route 3

Trainers, trainers, and more trainers. It's all kinds of crazy up in this route!

Boom! Crash! Bonk! Smack! Punch! Kick! Hi-Yah! Take this! Take That! Woosh! Zoom! Bam! Crack! Smash! (Those are obviously battling sounds, duh.)

Anyway, I didn't a very hard time with the trainers here. They were mostly bug-users whose little worms and butterflies and wasps were easy pickings for Virga. They didn't have a single atom of a chance against her Peck attack, no sir!

~ Route 4

Eh, just more trainers for Cassiopeia to fight. Moving on~

~ Mt. Moon

After healing up at the Pokemon Center right outside the cave I decided to venture in. I fought quite a few trainers as I nabbed the various items on the floor.

Not too long after, I delved deep into the bowels of floor B2, and encountered a wondrous sight! A hot... frothing... bubbly... Slugma! Once I laid my eyes upon it I knew deep in my heart that I had to catch it! ...It was a success! I was incredibly happy! So happy, in fact, that I named it... Cymbeline.

(Slugma / Male / Lvl. 19 / ATK: 22, DEF: 26, SP. ATK: 41, SP. DEF: 28, SPD: 16 / Ability: Flame Body) (Note: I actually caught Slugma at level 14, but I decided that I should post the level that I trained it to, since I'm stopping my commentary here for now.)

Also, while I'm at it, I'll give you fine gentlemen and women a quick overview of my other two team members:

(Smoochum / Lvl. 17 / ATK: 18, DEF: 18, SP. ATK: 37, SP. DEF: 32, SPD: 34)

(Swablu / Lvl. 17 / ATK: 18, DEF: 28, SP. ATK: 18, SP. DEF: 33, SPD: 27)

Ah, what a fine team.

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You have a squad that will strike fear into the minds of even the most successful pokemon trainers.

It's so hard to choose a team though. The fact that you can get all the starters so early in the game doesn't help either.

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You have a squad that will strike fear into the minds of even the most successful pokemon trainers.

It's so hard to choose a team though. The fact that you can get all the starters so early in the game doesn't help either.

I certainly do. lol

I think it's just fire red. Here's a link to know which pokemon are located where: http://www.bikdipona...tion%20list.txt

Eh, that list isn't all too accurate but it's the closest thing you'll find. :/

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