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Hey, I'm G2G. I've been playing Fire Emblem for about five years, but have never touched a GBA game until my friend got hacked off and lent me his copies of Rekka and Sacred Stones, which I promptly ripped onto my PC for use with an emulator and gave back.

...I still haven't touched Sacred Stones. Once more unto the breach, then.

For background, I'm Scottish but live in Canada, specifically Montreal. I may start using words that make no sense to you, so I apologize in advance.

Chances are I'm insulting you and have no wish to really offend you...bugger, you probably know that now.

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I've played the games released in Japan Only on the SNES and loved them, but I've got this moral code thing about getting physical copies of games in English if they've ever been available.

I may never play Earthbound, ever, because of this.

Also, damn that was a fast reply.

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