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Uncle Sholes wants you!!!!

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We all need to vote for me!!!!!

My campaign speech:

Many of these other candidates for member badges have much better speeches then me but I don't care! Many people have asked me, "Sholes, what are you running for!?!?" and to them I say; I am running from nothing! To them I also say voting for me is the ultimate display-al(I made up a word! XP) of awesome and an integral part of the American Dream. So to make it clear to everyone, a vote for me is a vote for total chaos, anarchy, making this -->SholesBadge.png<-- the ONLY official member badge, and 2+2 equaling fish!

Sholes 2012!!!!!!!

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sharlow is the only true option for a badge

horace agrees

False, Sholes is the one true badge...

uuuuhhh.... where the fuck do I vote for you????

...We should start a petition...

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I'll add my support (and use your badge) if you manage to get anything through...which I figure you won't :(

If we get enough people then... maybe?

I know this is a joke thread and all... but that badge quality is a little... low.

It's the only badge I've ever made so it's not the best. :(:

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