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FE7 Luck Cap Editor does not work as intended?


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It seems the Luck Cap Editor for FE7 does not work as intended.

Changing all the values from 30 to another number does not seem to change the Luck Bar in any noticeable fashion.

Here's some screenshots to prove I'm not crazy/forgot to change a value (this is the only change in a fresh ROM):


Is there something else I need to go in and change or does it not truly work? The documentation only states to make sure to change all the values, which I have shown that I did...

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Ah, thank you I feel silly. I did something similar where I set it at the max expecting it to be green'd out from max, but it wasn't. After google searching and reading where Blazer/Zeld/etc. were discussing the ASM locations of the bar and such, I thought it would mean that's what the editor intended to do.


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