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Little green lines!

Gaggle of Geese

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Hey everyone.

I recently decided to play this game again, but I noticed that these little green lines kept appearing in the combat window. When you suspend the game, restart, and load the game again, they go away, and never reappear in that save file. It's nice that it's fixable, but It'd be nice to get rid of this glitch. I've tried several different roms so far, each with the same problem. Does this glitch happen in every rom?

In case you're wondering, I'm using GPSP Mod on the PSP.

1235 - Fire Emblem (U)_04_14_2012_01_43_57_792.bmp

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After trying a bunch of different versions of the rom, I have to conclude it's just a property of the game, or some problem in my emulator. Anyway, since it's easily fixable and hardly noticeable, I think I can just live with it. Plus, it doesn't even appear when I try it on PC.

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I just said it happens on my GBA copy too, I think its just a graphical glitch in the original game itself.

As in, a physical copy in a orignal model GBA.

That's interesting! I didn't think that would be the case in the original game.

Me too. I don't recall this phenomenon on VBA.

That's the emulator I tested it on on the PC, and I had the same result.

Anyway, I can only conclude that the sites that have this rom are using the same dump. It's easy to make it go away, so I'll just deal with it.

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