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Help Me Out With An Experiment

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Anyways, I was trying to do the control enemy glitch in chapter 4, since I was curious regarding what would happen if a monster destroyed the village Lute was in (she'd normally be recruited after the battle, even without visiting the village). I wasn't able to do it for some reason, despite putting the enemy on the spot that the snag initially starts at. I did everything in this guide, but I had no luck controlling the enemy. I was hoping you guys could help me out in doing the glitch and finding out what happens after the chapter if Lute's village gets destroyed. I've uploaded my save file so you guys don't have to go to chapter 4. Also, you can use AR/Gameshark/Codebreaker cheats to control the enemy/get the village destroyed somehow. I just want to find out if Lute still gets recruited even if the village gets destroyed.

Ch. 4 FESS Save.zip

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Im not sure if you can do the glitch during story maps.

I've tried to do it on Chapter 17 before and for some reason the glitch didnt work. Then I beat the Chapter and got into a skirmish on the same map and I did the glitch on my first try.

So Idk what to tell you.

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I did manage to get it to work using the fire tiles, so being the story itself is not the problem. (Although while screwing around with rescuing gorgon eggs, I found out they do have a tendency to disappear when the holder dies).

However, it has occasionally taken me several tries (I still play the game on the DS with the cartridge, so...)

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So both of you only tried it with fire tiles and not the tiles that snags start on? I also used fire tiles the first time trying out the glitch. I've never got the trick to work with any other tile types though.

you wouldn't have been able to blow up the village anyways - destroying villages is tied to AI

It's not the AI. I've been able to get enemy mercenaries to destroy villages in FE7 using the Mine Glitch. I'm guessing as long as I can control the enemy somehow in FE8, I can also destroy villages in a similar manner (If anyone has any codes for FE8 that control the enemy, I'm open to that as well).

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you'd be guessing wrong

fe7 handles tile changes differently than fe8

in fe7 the game runs a check on the affiliation of the unit

and if the unit is an enemy, then the village is destroyed by loading the tile change for the village destruction

in fe8 it does something more elaborate; i could go disassemble it for you if you like but i'm like 90% sure it doesn't work that way

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