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I am the man who stands at the top of introducing himself!


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I've been lurking around these forums off and on for the past couple years, usually when I've been sitting down and replaying Sacred Stones or Radiant Dawn. Finally I've decided to stop merely reading all of these discussions and take part in them as well. I'm also a big SMT fan, so yesterday's news was a huge kick in the pants to motivate me some more.

My favorite FE title right now is Stones, mostly cause it was the first one I actually got to sit down and spend any time with really. That's all really, hope to get along with you all.

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Hello! Glad to have ya!

SS was also my first FE game and as such it will always have a special place in my heart~

I don't think you'll have any problems fitting in and getting along with people here.



A waha intro posted for your convenience:

Dear [insert your name here],

My name is Waha Kife. You may only refer to me as Waha Kife. If you call me anything but Waha Kife, you will be seriously punished. This is no joke mortal. Also, do not quote me without changing the title of the quote to Waha Kife. You better not vanish or I will cut you down in real life. This is no joke. I hope you enjoy your stay. You had better...

With these ghetto times, you might want to consider using a Knife for protection instead of a Gun. You can conceal Knives easier and they are more lethal at close range. Unless you got a Gun to someone's head. Why am I capitalizing Gun and Knife? None of your business. Is this paragraph relevant to the introduction? Shaddup.

There are many weirdos on these forums from furries to hard core FE fans. I say this with great sincerity: do not go to Far from the Forest. If you do, you may never return to the main forums again. This has happened to many of our rank and we don't need anymore weirdos to be away from the forest. The government wants to contain all the weirdos inside the forest.

Many people were weeded out by the travel back in time. Oh yes, this forum is actually 3 months older than it appears. That is because of a drug which caused the site to have amnesia. The forums reopened up in early January 2008, although it was open for 2 months before that. Our master had great payment issues.

Call me Waha Kife. I am restating this for emphasis and to save your life. There are certain people who can get away with calling me the name that shall not be uttered. They are usually brawlers. If you're a brawler, you can call me the name that shall not be uttered.

I've never used the copy and paste tool. I like to take my time writing out all my messages to make more of an impression. I am Waha Ashamed of everyone who uses copy & paste. How can I tell? I just do. I don't know why the computer weirdos added in a copy & paste feature, but I think that was the worst move ever.

I've been here longer than 4 years (with a bunch of breaks in between), so respect my elderness. Don't be a Waha Idiot. Some guys in the intro threads seem to be following me around trying to piss me off. If you become a Waha Idiot and annoy me too much, you will be Waha Punished™.

Why don't I change my display name to Waha Kife? Why don't you shut up? What was that? You never ask? That is Waha Bullshit, I can read your mind. I know your deepest fears. Like I said, if you go inactive, I will find you. Only I have the power to do that. How? Curiosity killed the cat.

Now I must end this speech, because you probably stopped caring about whatever I said. What was the point of writing this message? To test you. If you skipped everything, you can go Waha Fuck yourself. But if you took the time to read this, maybe we can be friends and maybe you could call me the name that shall not be uttered. But whatever you do, don't get on my bad side or you will receive Waha Punishment™.

What is Waha Punishment™? You don't want to find out. The last guy who received Waha Punishment™ didn't post for an entire day. A week later, he got banned. Surely you do not want to suffer the same fate...

Written in blood,

Waha Kife

Edited by Momentai~
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Hello and welcome to the Forest! I hope you make fast friends here. :)

Make sure to look over the rules once you have the time~

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