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quick ??? about Tharja class


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so im on my first play thru on casual and i like for the characters to reach lvl20 before i change their class. the first character to reach lvl20 was my avatar and second was Tharja. when she used the Master Seal i choose Dark Knight because i wanted my her n my avatar to be the same with the only difference being she uses DARK magic on a HORSE, well to my surprise now she cant use DARK magic. my question is WHY???

the only other thing i could add is that Tharja gained lvl20 on the same map she got the Master Seal, so i had her use it right there during the battle. before she changed classes she was using Nosferatu. after she changed classes she kept using Nosferatu until it broke. battle ended. now im going to start the next battle and when i go to give her another Nosferatu its gray and wont let me equip it. WHY???

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