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TEBOW! Cedar's new romhacking tool


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Thought I'd post this topic and inform the community of SF about its presence.


She's got a list of acronym's for its name, vote for the name here:


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Ha, I was wondering why TEB had a larger than usual influx of visitors yesterday.

I'm flattered you like this tool enough to advertise on my behalf, Klok. ^_^

It's cool. I was planning to advertise on SF once the tool was more complete, since it crashes whenever I'm adding/experimenting with new features.

I guess I'll just have to emphasize that it's incomplete and unstable in my OP.

I'll make an official announcement post about this once it has a name and I finish the IF/ELSE condition codes.

Until then, I welcome people to try it out. Just keep in mind it can crash at any moment.

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