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Problem Recoloring Sprites


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I'm using Usenti

i also used GIMP

but now i still have the same problem

FE Editior Adv

where i ripped the sprite sheet from won't take it back after is switched some colors

and i just have no idea why

lets say the sheet had 16 colors to begin with

i switch all blue to red and on all 4 sheets used the same red switched from the same blue.

i set background to transparent i tried it without being transparent neither worked

now i tried the FE recolor program

but other than making a pallete i have no idea how to a sheet from it ;__;

file extension is .png

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You probably saved it in an image format that destroyed indexing or something like that (likely because of GIMP) and that's why it won't take it back.

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Moved to proper forum.

And make sure that you're not over the 15+1bg colour limit and you're not trying to insert the wrong file.

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