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Rift Door Trick


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Not sure if this is well known or not but I think I found a neat trick. Last night I encountered a secret merchant on Ch. 25 (the one just before endgame) and noticed that all 3 of the special items she had were stat increasing items like seraph robes and energy drops. Out of curiosity I used a rift door on Ch. 25's node after the first merchant was gone and the second one also had 3 random stat increasing items. I tried this like 4 times with 3 stat boosting items being there each time. Seems like a merchant spawned there is guaranteed to have (or at least has a high probability of having) stat boosting items, making it a good place to use your rift doors.

If anyone has tried this, or wants to try it to test if this theory is indeed correct I'd be interested to know the results.

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Also, if you're running out of Rift Doors and it's not a certain specific stat booster, just go on a skirmish or something that will shift around the RNG.

It works the same if you're aiming towards something in the Barracks... but that's not really relevant to everyone here. I only had to do that for Vincent for screenshots.

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