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I'm so proud of myself~

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So, I jailbroke my iPod Touch (4G) recently.

But then I started having problems.

Being the tech-savvy guy I am, most of the problems I was able to work around.

But yesterday, my iPod crashed...

My computer didn't recognize it at all, so I couldn't get it to reboot from the PC.

My home button was broken, so holding the power and homes buttons wouldn't work either.

But then, I thought, "Eh, so what if I pry of the home button. It's not like it works, anyway."

So I took it off...

In the process, though, I accidentally severed a wire. (!)

I was like, "*gasp* Oh no! What do I do?"

It turned out, after a few minutes of inspecting, to be the wire that - I'm guessing here - transmits the home button command. (Fortunately, before I severed it, I was able to reboot...)

I was wondering what to do... I could've left it... but I wanted to fix it.

So I tried.

Turns out, regular copper wire can transmit whatever commands the clicking the button sent.

I just used wire from a pair of broken earphones I had. Worked perfectly.

I hooked up the ends, taped them there, then cut a circle of plastic to cover it!

Ingenious, huh?

So I just fixed my home button with tape, wire, and a piece of plastic!


So happy, because it's better than paying to fix it at Bishkek, where it probably would be super expensive~

It's a bit crude... and maybe not 100% functional, but it works! (For the most part, at least.)

EDIT: Not to mention, I've never worked with electronics before... X3 (Well, I fixed my headphones and earphones a few times, but those are nothing like an iPod...)

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So can you reprogram my VCR to say something other than 12:00 because I'm pretty sure that's what CERN's studying to do right now

Fine, oh fine...

I'm not that good.

I was just surprised that I was actually able to fix my iPod, that's all...

But yeah, all this technological stuff is beyond me. ._.

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