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Perfecting my Pairings

luigi bros

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So after my save file was destroyed I'm getting right back at it and am looking to perfect my pairings.

These are the ones I used in my previous file and my opinions. (This is for purely min-maxing, not personality etc.)

Chrom/Olivia (Lucina was fine, and Inigo was excellent)

+Spd/-Lck!Avatar/Tharja (Morgan was an excellent Sorcerer, and Noire was amazing as a Sniper with Galeforce and infinite Double Bow)

Vaike/Lissa (Average really. I use Vaike as my Berserker with Inigo as the Swordmaster, I'm looking to improve here)

Donnel/Sully (Galeforce and Armsthrift. Either Donnel or Gaius for Sully, and since the either child needing Galeforce is Nowi, and as a Manakete she doesn't need Armsthrift, I gave her Gaius and Sully Donnel)

Frederick/Sumia (Decent, but also because all other options are taken)

Ricken/Miriel (Laurent was superpowered)

Henry/Maribelle (Brady made a good War Monk)

Stahl/Yarne (Yarne was pretty good)

Lon'qu/Cordelia (Amazing Severa)

Cherche/Gregor (Gerome was great with Armsthrift)

Gaius/Nowi (Previously explained)

Their classes are (this I don't really want to change so pairings should revolve around maxing their potential in this class)

Lucina: Great Lord

Morgan: Sorcerer

Inigo: Swordmaster

Owain: Berserker

Kjelle: Great Knight

Sumia: Falcon Knight

Laurent: Sage

Brady: War Monk

Noire: Sniper

Yarne: Taguel

Gerome: Wyvern Lord

Severa: Hero

Nowi: Manakete

Any advice would be appreciated.

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Well you sure got over that quickly. Anyway, here are the modifications from your original pairings that I would suggest:

Vaike!Nah - fantastic defensive skillset

Stahl!Severa - Luna

Kellam!Owain - Luna

Frederick!Yarne - Luna

Gaius!Cynthia - unused father + Vantage

And maybe consider swapping Gregor/Ricken so Gerome can have Aegis/Bowbreaker, but it's a matter of preference. Kellam/Frederick could also switch.

If you change your mind about final classes, also consider some of these pairings.

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Actually it kinda is

1 Golden Gaffle run is from what I heard enough to get 72k. Thats enough to make competent Brave Forges, and you don't need too much of that because it is only neccesary in Apo

In every other level? Unforged Javelin and Unforged Tomes does the job well

Bottom line, the skill ends up not being that useful in the long run

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Not useful optimization wise? Perhaps, if you want to minmax to the extreme.

But people prefer it because they don't have to go through the time/pain of Golden Gaffe and forging every single brave weapon over and over and over.

Even for Celica's Gale, you can get from Celica. But you have to summon her, and she always appears on random areas of the map. And next thing you know, you're tiring yourself out collecting Celica's Gale one at a time.

Without armsthrift, more work is involved. You're not supposed to be feeling like you're working when you're playing a video game, so Armsthrift minimizes the work feeling.

Armsthrift saves all that trouble.

Minmaxing wise, no. But it's a tradeoff a lot are willing to make to actually make the game more enjoyable.

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