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Einherjar Cards in Super Smash

Wind Thief

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Not a bad idea but wouldn't that be milking Awakening a bit too much? After all, the Einherjar are only DLC/Spotpass and are completely optional

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Nice idea but they would be too similar to assist trophies. In fact, Einherjars would be assist trophies for FE only.

Pokeballs are assist trophies for Pokemon only. The bigger problem I see is that I can't really think of much that an Einherjar character could do that wouldn't be basically a clone of things you already get from Pokeballs/assist trophies.

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Pokeballs are assist trophies for Pokemon only. The bigger problem I see is that I can't really think of much that an Einherjar character could do that wouldn't be basically a clone of things you already get from Pokeballs/assist trophies.

Pokemon is also >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Fire Emblem in importance

and Pokeballs/ATs are already there as you mentioned

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It'd be a really good idea, if not for a few small things...

1. FE isn't too popular in the US: Even though Nintendo is based in Japan, I'm fairly sure that they do consider the international relevance of most of the stuff in their game, and given that only about half of the FE games have been localized, they'd have a slightly lower FE cast to choose from (unless they pulled the spotpass localization they did with FE13).

2. Something something fair representation: This sort of piggybacks off of the previous reason; games with larger fanbases across the world (ie. Pokemon, Mario, maybe even Zelda) have been given more representation (pokeballs, mushrooms, and generic Zelda-y items). Games with smaller audiences get less representation, all FE got was a stage and two characters last time. And even with the success that Awakening was, I unfortunately do not believe it will be enough to get us too much more limelight.

3. That'd be a lot of FE stuff: Don't peg me the wrong way, I'd love all of that awesome FE stuff and I'd play it out of existance if it were to happen, but all of my arguements are the same and I'm sorry for wasting your time; FE is not popular enough to be given so much representation.

As a fan of FE, I say "yes! YESSSSS!!!", as a realist, I say "the odds aren't in our favor".

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It would be great, but I don't think it would happen.

Maybe we would keep Lyn as an Assist Trophy, but that should really be it.

The only other Fire Emblem character I have an idea for would be DLC [bride] Eirika. She would completely heal the person that got the Trophy.

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these are some ideas I had for the einherjar cards on another thread: Bold are my favorites.
FE1, 3, 11, 12: Navarre - Sakurai's favorite. Does a simple critical hit slash similar to Lyn
Tiki- Transforms into a large dragon and attacks foes for one hit KO (rare)
Katarina - representing the remake exclusivecharacters. Appears as DLC redesign as a grandmaster. Decimates the opponents with hew sword and magic.
Malice - represent BS Fire Emblem as well. Attackes with a simple sword strike combo.
FE: Gaiden - Celica - Using her light magic, she casts Angel to hit any opponent directly above her.
FE 4: Arvis - has Valflame and pulls a chapter 5. Everyone calls him a dastard when they are hit.
FE 5: Nanna- makes a healing bubble and heals up to 50% damage of anyone who enters.
FE 6: Merlinus - will set up a tent and leaves behind items. But if he is too damaged by the opponents, he will vanish from the stage.
FE 7: Hector - Using Armads, Hectors attacks in a straight line, destroying all in his way.
FE 8: L'Archel (with Rennac and Dozzel) - Will randomly decide to help the player or not. Sometimes they will just leave the stage. If they choose to attack, l'Archel will simply command them while Rennac and Dozzel hit foes from opposite sides.
FE 9 and 10: Soren - Releases a giant wind tornado in the middle of the stage.
Black Knight - Warps directly behind an opponent and strikes them with a strong knockback blow.
FE: 13. Oswain and Severa - Demostrates the pair up mechanic, attacking opponents with dual strikes before vanishing.
Represents the entire series: Anna - steals any items on the stage, attacking any opponents that get in her way. Will specifically go after items before opponents.

I think FE definitely needs its own item.

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lyn is the only fire emblem based AT needed, imo. pokeballs have variety. there's already a ton of assist trophies that do most of what jaytalks said, IIRC. haven't used items in years.

I hope the next FE AT features another character like Micaiah. AT's should be rotated between games for the most part. I think most of the summon items have similar purposes (most attack). Just coming up with ideas for the Einherjar Cards that have to do with the character's purpose in the games.

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^Now we're getting somewhere...

Lissa or another cleric/priest could use a heal staff like it was a heart container, or a rescue staff and potentially save someone from a mess.

Olivia or another dancer could add damage to attacks or add some movement speed or resistance or something like that.

Mages could do mage-y things, physical attackers could do physical things.

Knights or generals could act as a shield and deflect some attacks.

Chrom/Lucina could jump in and attack alongside you.

Every first-character paladin would fly in and be all "hit me, I dare you" and go and silver lance everyone.

Manaketes could sort of fly around and just dragon all over things.

Great, now that I have ideas, I'm going to be disappointed when this doesn't happen...

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