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Hi! You can call me CrimeanRoyalKnight and I really like Fire Emblem, but I haven't played many of them.

By myself I only played Sacred Stones, Path of Radiance and Awakening, and I watched my sister play Blazing Sword and Radiant Dawn.

I also played the early chapters of FE12 and Genealogy of the Holy War, and my sister is intrugued by Thracia 776.

As you can see she is the better player, but I still have a lot of fun discussing about this series!

My favorite games are PoR and RD due to their world and story, but I also enjoy their gameplay a lot(even if PoR is baby easy), and my most favorite character is probably Kieran, even if there are still many wonderful characters in the whole series.

My favorite classes are mages and mercenaries, but I also like paladins and pegasus knights.

I hope I can have fun around here =)

Peace out!

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Hello, and welcome to Airport 1001... err, SF! Beware the wildlife... I mean Counter warriors.

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